Hello.  My name is Ben.  For most of my life I felt like I lived a pretty unremarkable and textbook life.  I was raised as a preacher’s kid through elementary school and then my dad changed professions which is why I’m probably as well adjusted as I am.  I got good grades, played sports, went to college, and got married.  My wife and I have two great kids which just get more fun as the years go by.

My worldview was dramatically impacted after college when I moved to Kettering, Ohio to work at Kettering Health Network, an Adventist system of hospitals in Ohio.  It was in Kettering where I encountered some of the most impactful people on my life both personally, professionally, and spiritually.  It was in the midst of all of that I found my passion for religion, spirituality, and the grand story of life.

I started blogging because I needed a place to be free to express what was on my heart and mind as I tried to figure things out.  I honestly don’t know what I’m doing.  If you’re looking for answers I don’t know if I’ll have them.  I haven’t done anything profound or earth shattering.  I didn’t leave my wife and family, sell all I own, or go on a soul journey in a VW van across the US.   The only thing I know is that have a lot on my mind.  A lot of that comes in the quiet personal time as I drive to and from work every day.   Maybe you’ll find something here.  Maybe you won’t.  But I know I’m not alone in this journey so I thought I’d share what I see and learn about life as a father, husband, colleague, friend, and neighbor.  

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Im stumbled onto your blog during a bling google search, about Disney vacation failures. I get you, I understand what you mean by thinking and driving. Sometimes its the only time I have to myself.


  2. It also refers to something contracting and moving inward, such as calm rather
    than activity. If you are unsure of your intent to flip your
    blog, you should still design a blogging strategy with an eventual exit in mind.


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