I Thought Christians Were Better Than This

I’m afraid.  I’m afraid of a future full of people like I met this week.  I was reading a great blog post on transgender bathrooms entitled Your Silence is Deafening – An Open Letter to the Target Boycotters,  and as I went to the comment section found this comment:

“I feel sorry for this country. Our enemies laugh at us. Putin laughs at us. You mentally deficient metrosexual and overly feminine types can go back to feeding your cats wondering what in the hell happened to this once great country. In a word: J EWs”

Wow!  After beating around the bush with previous comments ranting about homosexuality as a mental illness and pedophiles looking at little girls in the restrooms, this commenter just came right out and announced their true colors.  I couldn’t believe what I saw as he continued:

 “Where would we be without J EWs? Who would’ve Killed Christ? Birthed Communism, Usury, Feminism, Gay marriage, Transgender freaks, Abortion, Media Degeneracy, Porn or running a Concentration Camp in Gaza”

Really, the only thing he forgot to blame on the Jews was AIDS and cancer, but I’m sure if I had asked he would have given them credit for that as well.  At this point I had to respond.

“You do realize Jesus was a Jew and it is through the Jews that God promised salvation as His chosen people. And the Bible was written by Jews. So unless you’re an Atheist you kinda need to take a step back. As for the rest of it, there is no credible historical facts for anything you’ve said.”

But he was not deterred.

“Jesus was Not a j ew. That word didn’t exist until the 18th century second edition King James bible. He was an Israelite, a Judahite. Those living in Israel today are Khazars, 8th century converts, former phalluc worshippers with No tie to the Holy Land. Does Woody Allen look Semitic or Arabic to you? Nice try Moran” (note, this is copied and pasted exactly from the post.  Yes he misspelled “moron”)

When I first read the responses I literally laughed out loud.  I couldn’t believe I had met someone like this.  I had heard about internet trolls with crazy ideas, but now I had engaged with one.  I was fascinated by this thinking.  How do you come to believe these things?  Was there something wrong with this person?  What had happened in their life that made them believe this way?

Several days later I received a lengthy response from him which included an article from another website supporting his claim that the Jews aren’t Israelites and Jesus wasn’t a Jew.  At this point I knew there was no point wasting my time with him any longer.  As I signed off from the conversation and wished the person grace and peace.

It’s hard to know what to say in response to someone like that.  It doesn’t matter whether we were typing to each other from half a world away, or sitting in a coffee shop talking face to face; he had made it clear that there was no evidence that would change his mind.  What was his point?  That’s what bothered me.  There are a lot of things wrong in the world and our natural position is to look for someone to blame for those problems, but how does blaming someone else fix the problem?

The scary thing is that this gentleman isn’t alone.  All I have to do is open Facebook and I see extremist thought from people I love.  Whether they support Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump it seems like the most rational and educated people have lost their minds anymore.  One recent meme I saw said that “Donald Trump has the same qualifications to be President as Honey Boo Boo’s mother or Kim Kardashian”.  Really?

What frustrated me more than anything about this interaction was the fact that this man was a Christian.  I’ve seen a lot of this from the Christian community since the election.  Within the past year, and especially after the election of President Donald Trump, there has been an increase in the reinforcement of Evangelical stereotypes that plague Christians: homophobic, Islamophobic, pro-gun, pro-military, anti-science, nationalists.

This is not the faith I want my kids to experience.  I had hoped that by 2017 that modern Christians would have realized how detrimental all of those things are to the kingdom Jesus wants us to build.  But it feels like the opposite is happening.  I turn on the news and you’d think it was the 1950’s again with race riots and police beatings.  We have KKK rallies in the and we’re afraid of nuclear weapons from foreign countries.  Christians are more concerned about reclaiming the rainbow as a symbol of God than about actually sharing the gospel.

There was nothing in the gospel of what this man shared that was going to bring anyone into a relationship with Jesus.  He, like so many Christians, had no interest in ministering to the poor, the lost, the hurting, and the lonely.  He will never clothe the naked, visit those in prison, or feed the hungry.  He’ll condemn them for spending their money on drugs or tell them it’s God’s condemnation for their sins.  The fact that people with these ideas are out there is terrifying to me.  The fact that Christians are out there with these ideas just saddens me.


2 thoughts on “I Thought Christians Were Better Than This

  1. What really scares me is that the guy is likely a product of a church that taught him those things – and not just him, but the rest of the congregation. In the same sense as “you are what you eat” – your spiritual self reveals your spiritual nourishment. They don’t see themselves as hateful or unloving; but as loving enough to tell someone the truth even though it hurts – twisted as it is.


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