Ben Carson’s Campaign Manager Attempts to Defend Him and Fails

Las Vegas Prepares For Final Republican Debate Of The Year

LAS VEGAS, NV – DECEMBER 15: Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson prepares for a television interview before the start of the CNN republican presidential debate at The Venetian Las Vegas on December 15, 2015 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thirteen Republican presidential candidates are participating in the fifth set of Republican presidential debates. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

As Ben Carson not so surprisingly stepped out of the presidential race this past weekend and shockingly endorsed Donald Trump, many people (including myself) wanted to know why.  (See my open letter to Dr. Carson here).  Well, his campaign chairman responded via Facebook over the weekend.  The response is below and I will honestly say I’m even less impressed with Dr. Carson now.  I’ve added thoughts and responses to the statements in blue italics.

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March 11, 2016; General Bob Dees, Campaign Chairman, Carson for President 2016 on Dr. Carson’s endorsement of Donald Trump:

Team Carson,

You are no doubt aware of Dr. Carson’s official endorsement of Donald Trump at a press conference today, the rationale for which he reiterated on his Facebook page this morning.

Subsequently, many of you sent strong messages of support for today’s endorsement, while many others sent equally strong messages of disappointment. In all candor, some of this critical dynamic reminds me of Passion Week which began with Hosannas from the people, and ended with “Crucify Him.” Yet Christ had not changed, just as Dr. Ben Carson has not changed his devotion to God, his fundamental policy convictions regarding the right path for our nation, or his undying commitment to Save America for Future Generations.

For those of you who seek to analyze this decision through a spiritual lens, we must ask how God’s purposes might have been thwarted if Daniel had not served in Babylon, or if Joseph had not served Pharaoh? In a similar vein, Dr. Carson’s endorsement is not driven by political ambition or any “sell out” on Dr. Carson’s part — rather Dr. Carson remains the same wise, practical, empirically-driven, and God-honoring leader and selfless servant he has always been.

Daniel and Joseph were slaves in a system with no other options for survival, and God blessed them through their adversity.  If Dr. Carson actually believes he’s stuck in a system with no other options I’ll let him off the hook.  But the truth is he’s not stuck.  He could do so many other things and run for other offices where he could make a difference without attaching himself to another candidate who is so toxic.  

While each of us is ultimately responsible to God and others for our response, I would ask those who have been so quick to judge and condemn to simply think about it further. The thoughts below reflect Dr. Carson’s thinking on the challenges we face.

Let us reason together for a moment:

  • Our nation cannot survive another secular progressive administration, particularly under the leadership of someone like Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. If the Democrats win this next election, America as we know it will cease to exist.
    • Is this such a bad thing?  Racism still runs rampant.  Our education system is behind the rest of the industrial world.  We have more incarcerated individuals than any other country.  And we have the largest military in the world basically holding every other country hostage because after all the fears of nuclear war, the US is the only country in history to actually use it.  Yeah, let’s keep that America.
  • Dr. Carson is an empirical thinker, assessing realities and determining common sense solutions to achieve the desired goal. The reality is that Donald Trump, along with the talented team which he will no doubt assemble, is the Republican Party’s best opportunity to win back the White House. Instead of Republican Party operatives falling on their sword regarding “anyone but Trump,” they should embrace the millions of newly interested Republicans, channeling their passion (and anger) into positive change and a likely victory. They should let the democratic process work.
    • Okay, I’ll buy that.  Let the democratic process work.
  • A majority of Dr. Carson supporters have consistently identified Donald Trump as their fallback choice, another outsider who can truly break the political paradigm of corruption and cronyism in Washington. As we have said for many months now, “Donald Trump and Ben Carson sing from the same song book; they just sing in different keys.”
    • Trump breaking the paradigm of corruption and cronyism in Washington is like thinking Kim Kardashian will rectify the inequality in women’s roles in hollywood.
  • Our strength is our unity. In Dr. Carson’s sentiments from this morning, we cannot allow agents of division and political operatives to pit us against one another, or to thwart the voice of the people. Donald Trump possesses the capability to unite Americans and represent all of “We The People” in ways that his leading opponents simply cannot do. As Dr. Carson highlighted this morning, Donald Trump possesses the intellect, introspection (a surprise to many who do not truly know him), adaptive leadership, and boldness needed to truly break the Washington DC political paradigm that holds America captive.
    • Has Dr. Carson not watched the news?  Has no one shown him a Trump rally?  At what point does anything Donald Trump has done or said tell you he is uniting people of all races, faiths, and sexual orientation to his cause?
  • As always, Dr. Carson is not being politically correct — he simply wants to save America. He simply wants to solve the great challenges we face. This is why he has courageously and boldly endorsed Donald Trump as the best way to help “We The People.” The man who we have loved and followed has not changed – he continues to walk in faith as his Lord provides wisdom and a “lamp unto his path.”
    • Sorry, you can’t say he’s not being politically correct when in bullet two he was towing the party line.  

As always, my comments simply cannot do justice to the true depth or significance of Dr. Carson’s thoughts. I commend Dr. Carson’s full comments at this morning’s press announcement. I have never heard him to be more clear, convicted, or compelling. He remains laser focused, always seeking to do the right thing for the right reasons.

While some of you may still disagree with Dr. Carson’s endorsement decision, may the “banner of love” characterize our thoughts and actions. May each of us avoid the politics of personal destruction and divisive rhetoric that besets our land. May each of us be part of the solution, and not part of the problem. May each of us seek to Save America for Future Generations. Ultimately, may God heal our land, as He inspires and revives “We The People.”


Prayerfully and respectfully to all,

General Bob Dees

Campaign Chairman

Carson for President 2016


One thought on “Ben Carson’s Campaign Manager Attempts to Defend Him and Fails

  1. With regard to the second bullet. It’s one thing to let the democratic process work and another thing to endorse a candidate who appears to be against most, if not everything you supposedly believe. You have a right to let the democratic process work and you also have the right to say what you believe and share your opinions and thoughts, even if it’s not popular or the minority view.

    That author made a very good point outlining the difference between Daniel and Joseph’s situation as compared to Dr. Carson.

    This has reinforced for me the importance of following and looking to God rather than man – and that’s the God of the Bible, not the god we make for ourselves in our head, doing what seems right in our own eyes.

    May God help us all.


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