Dear Ben Carson, Please Tell Me Why


Dear Dr. Ben Carson,

When when you announced your candidacy for president I was intrigued.  When you trended well in the polls I was surprised.  When you kept getting bullied and knocked around during debates I felt sorry for you.  When you withdrew his candidacy I was relieved; you can do better.  But when you endorsed Donald Trump I was disappointed.  And not just a little bit.  I actually lost a lot of respect for you.

See, when you entered the presidential race I wanted to see how this “man of God” would stand up to the pressure.  Throughout your campaign you referred to your commitment to prayer and seeking the lord for guidance in your decisions.  I respected that.  I trusted that with good advisors, your years of education, and your faith you would make sound decisions that represented your commitment to integrity and honesty.  Then you stood up to endorse a man for president who is your opposite in every way. If you were truly looking at what was God’s leading why would you support a man on his third marriage, who defrauds people in nearly every business deal, mocks those with handicaps, threatens those who don’t agree with him, and has less biblical knowledge than a kindergartener?  Do any of those things sound like something Jesus would endorse?

Your campaign while filled with quirks the media exploited was still honest and made me trust you.  My dislike of Donald Trump has little to do with politics.  In him I see anger, pettiness, greed, and selfishness. He is bringing out the worst in people.  I’m afraid of the world that Donald Trump will create for my kids.  And now you’re explicitly supporting that world.

Dr. Carson, all I want to know is why?  Why would you let us down by supporting such a narcissistic sociopath?  What did he offer you?  What promises were made in those back rooms where you saw a “different Donald Trump than the rest of the world”?  What do you hope to accomplish by doing this other than disappointing so many people who looked up to you?

I want to trust you still, but right now I don’t believe you.  Stop insulting my intelligence by saying you see something redeeming in Donald Trump.  Stop insulting my faith by saying this is the decision God led you to.  Or you can keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll believe that you have sold out to the political machine.  That you aren’t the person who inspired people with your faith and integrity.  And that will be a great loss to the world.

Thank you,



5 thoughts on “Dear Ben Carson, Please Tell Me Why

  1. Thank you Ben, you have expressed my thoughts better than I could. Ben Carson’s endorsement of Donald Trump gives me a case of theological indigestion that even a purple pill can’t cure. I just can’t wrap my mind around it and I really would love to hear his answer.


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  3. I think the issue is that people with most thirst for money are the most motivated to go for politics since money is often the only measurable reward you get for attending, in exchange of not being there for the people closest to you the same … Sure enough politics are important and more good people would be needed there, but it’s always a trade off for your time and attention because let’s be honest: “try hard” doesn’t solve that each of us only has the same 24h per day in use – regardless of how hard they try to be good parents, good friends and good daughters or sons.
    In Christianity being good person to those near you has always been more important than having wordly power or else Jesus would have been the political king of his time – instead he had nothing to do with changing the laws, only the hearts of the people.
    I think issue is the political world with all it’s harshness and aim for perfection is not really built for the people who will rather listen 4-year old (or sometimes the adults) cry their trouble out and provide love and good advice, than spend their night cramming all the possible background information about every possible topic to avoid saying anything wrong that media could then exaggerate and people use as reason to disqualify them.


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