Donald Trump, Not the Leader We Need. The Leader We Deserve

Donald Trump

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump speaks at his South Carolina campaign kickoff rally in Bluffton, S.C., Tuesday, July 21, 2015. (AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton)

“He’s the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.”  It’s one of the last lines uttered in one of the greatest movies ever.  At the end of The Dark Knight Commissioner Jim Gordon explains to his son why Batman is running.  Why he can’t come out of the shadows and be a welcomed and gloried hero to Gotham City.  Batman, like Gotham City is full of deep flaws, haunted, and dark.  The vigilante hero of the city is every bit an embodiment of who they are as the countless villains that terrorize it.  Like the citizens of Gotham who have embraced their cultural indiscretions and the anti-hero that represents it, so too have Americans received the embodiment of their sociology in the form of Donald Trump.

Why is Donald Trump so popular?  I’ve seen this question come up over and over as he continuously climbs the polls to lead the candidates for the Republican Party.  He’s loud, offensive, and arrogant.  Everything the stereotypical politician isn’t.  And should he win the nomination and eventually the election (which scares not only Americans but other countries as well) he will be exactly what America deserves.

United States culture is everything that is Donald Trump.  Travel abroad even for a short period of time and you will see American’s flaunting their Red, White, and Blue as they trample social norms and demand everyone speak English.  During the year I spent studying in France it was common for me to hear American tourists have their demands ignored by friendly tour guides only to return to  the group mumbling “if it wasn’t for us in WWII they’d all be speaking German”.

At one point in time the United States was the gold standard of societal progress.  Our Declaration of Independence and Constitution provided a template for government that countries have modeled ever since.  Yet, rather than push ourselves to continue to innovate alazy but talentednd challenge the world to a higher standard we have settled into complacency.  Take for instance a BBC report that showed the Math and Science scores of 15 year olds in 76 countries.  On that list, the United States ranks 29th.  However, the US is often ranked first in patriotism and self-confidence.  I’ll never forget the day I saw a young boy at the playground walking around with a Nike t-shirt that said “Lazy but Talented”.  As if that was something to be proud of.

American’s love being bigger, bolder, and more in your face than any other country. American’s are proud of the fact that we stand alone as one of three countries not using the metric system.  They blissfully enjoy having 662 military bases in 38 countries, while no other country does such a thing.  For most American’s our place in the world is defined not by GDP, education ranking, or scientific breakthroughs.  It’s determined by the number of gold medals at the Olympics.

So why not have a leader who represents the country appropriately?  A leader who would put other countries to shame with his zeal for making ‘Merica great again?

Donald Trump is the 2000 calorie Whopper you order “your way”

He’s the 14 mpg your Hummer gets because global warming doesn’t exist.

He’s “the NFL is biggest sport in the world” (never mind that thing called soccer (real football))

So, go ahead and vote for Donald Trump.  He’s everything that so many think is right with the United States.  I can’t think of a better way for the US to truly embrace what it is and show the world who we are.  And when it all goes down the toilet, Trump can honestly stand there like Maximus in the coliseum and ask “Are you not entertained”?



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