Salvation Without the Inconvenience

Is Christianity supposed to be easy?  I’ve had this question on my mind a lot recently.  Should that choice to live as a follower of Christ be free from inconvenience with the rest of your life?  Most people would say “no”, but is that the way it actually is?  Just look at our churches.  The ultra-modern churches feature all the amenities necessary to woo us out of our beds on the weekend.  They’ve adapted to the cultural changes to be whatever it is that an individual is looking for.  Christianity, seems to do this more readily than any other religion. Don’t believe me? Try to find a contemporary Muslim worship service. How about a Hindu temple with a Starbucks café in it. Even those Christians who say they’re holding onto “traditional Christianity” are really just grasping at a time period they liked best, as if Jesus had a pipe organ and sang Amazing Grace. So when today’s culture glorifies hook-ups and one night stands it shouldn’t surprise anyone when Christians approach their relationship with Jesus as just a friend with benefits.

I recently stumbled across an article for a new website called  The site created by relationship author Helen Croydon targets people who want to be independent but also want to fall in love. Croydon says “We are not a no-strings website. We are for singles looking for regular partners with mutual attraction, genuine friendship, respect and a magical spark but whom have no expectations of moving in after three months and value their free time and independence”. Wait, what? So these are people who want the benefits of a committed, long-term relationship without making the personal sacrifices to maintain it on a daily basis?  Makes sense to me. It sounds a lot like most of todays Christians who want the feel good assurance of salvation without the burden of everyday Christ-like living.

It’s sad that our culture has come to a point where we don’t want a continuous 24/7 relationship. That’s smothering and burdensome. We want our freedom. We don’t want responsibility, but we want assurance. It’s like renting a pet for the weekend because you just don’t want to deal with it during the week.  Most of us do this already, ignoring families for work, gym, etc. all week long until the weekend when we try to buy each others love back with elaborate excursions.  How many Christians do the same thing, ignoring prayer, devotion, and community service during the week then show up at elaborate worship services and hand out bulletins in order to re-enroll in their fire insurance.  Deep down they really don’t want to change as much as they want to believe that they aren’t “bad people going hell”.  Christianity to them is a check box, and something you own up to on a limited basis while you focus on other more visible issues of daily life.  They want the relationship without the commitment and inconvenience.



2 thoughts on “Salvation Without the Inconvenience

  1. The problem with many people in the Church is they are “saved” because they heard ” If you died to night do you know whether you would go to Heaven or Hell” I have heard this hundreds of times. But, I’m not saved so I will go to Heaven I’m saved so that there is no gap between me and my creator, my Lord. So, I can talk with Him so I can know His heart and have a real relationship with God. To get saved so you can go to heaven is like getting married so you can have a nice house the relationship won’t last. (Heaven is one of the blessings that comes from my relationship but it is not the reason I love God. I love God through every trial, every situation no matter what may come because I know His heart and I long for His heart to become my heart.) Until people start falling in love with a savior and stop looking for blessings the church will continue to go in circles. God promised to meet our needs not our wants.
    Tell a six member family living in one room with no working bathroom that a five bedroom house and three cars in a need they would think you are crazy. If we start living according to every word in the bible we will see families and marriages stay together and stress related conditions decline.
    Pastors need to start preaching the Bible and stop trying to make the people sitting in the pews feel good. When lives start changing and marriages are restored people will come to church even when there is no service because everyone is looking for something they just need to know that it is God they are looking for.



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