Biblical Evidence God Likes Rich People Best

For a long time now I’ve struggled against the notion of a prosperity gospel.  The entire premise seems contrary to a savior who tells the rich young ruler “the foxes have dens and the birds have nests, but I have nowhere to lay my head” (Luke 9:58).  The sermon on the mount, the treatise for Jesus’ ministry on earth, was directed at the poor, meek, and suffering.  It angered me as I saw the popularity of prosperity preachers like Joel Osteen.  I finally had my fill when I stumbled across the program Preachers of LA and decided to start looking into this false gospel.  I spent minutes researching online to dispel this false gospel; but the more I searched, the more truth I found in it.  For all the verses in the Bible that talk about the meek and poor, when you break it down God really likes rich people better.  Just look at the greatest men of the Bible:

Abraham – So rich that he had to move away from his nephew Lot (Genesis 13:2)

Joseph – Had the keys to the entire country of Egypt (Genesis 39:2)

Solomon – Richest man in the world (1 Kings 10:23)

Job – So rich Satan was jealous (Job 1:3)

Not only were these men really really rich, these were God’s favorite people.  Abraham got to start a nation as God’s chosen people, Joseph kind of took over the greatest nation at the time, Solomon was allowed to build the first temple, and God even pointed out Job as the best guy on earth.  Even in the new testament we find God promoting the rich.  Jesus talks about the shrewd manager (Luke 16) and the parable of the talents (Matthew 25) as illustrations for being successful with money.  Rich people step up when God needs them.  He needed two rich guys to provide a tomb for Jesus because the poor fishermen ran away.  The rich aren’t bothering God with prayer requests.  Rich people are doers.  Paul writes to the Thessaloppians in chapter two verse thirteen “The lord’s favor continues on those who do for themselves”.

The more time I spent looking at it, the clearer it became.  God wants rich people.  God needs rich people.  Rich people prove God’s existence.  God creates nice things (Gen 1:31), rich people have nice things, ergo God exists.  Rich people live in mansions, God is building mansions for us in heaven (John 14:2), so heaven will be better taken care of with rich people in it.  Then finally the greatest realization hit me.  Without rich Christian people, we would all be doomed.  Without rich Christians building megachurches no one would believe Jesus even existed.  Without rich people paying pastors salaries no one would be sharing the gospel of Jesus and performing baptisms.  It all so simple.  Rich people are better Christians.  Next time you’re at church, thank a rich person for saving your soul.


And if you believe that, send me the wiki link to Thessaloppia.  Have a Happy April Fools.


2 thoughts on “Biblical Evidence God Likes Rich People Best

  1. The bible also says that who ever saves his life will loose it and who ever looses it will gain it. It also says that the rich become poor and the poor become rich. Solomon was the richest man because he was the wisest man. God gave the riches to him.


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