Where Did all the Sinners Go?


It’s such a quaint little word.  It kind of rolls off the tongue.   With just three little letters you can conjure ideas of the most base and perverse actions.  People get offended if you start pointing out sin.  It’s taboo to attempt to list sins.  After all, where do you start?  So we don’t.  We ignore it altogether.  We don’t talk about it.  We accept it.  And now we can gladly look around at all of the saints sitting in church pews and ask “where did all the sinners go?”


It started with a cute little phrase “love the sinner, hate the sin”.  It was gloriously simple.  Full of grace and love and acceptance.  Then things got complicated.  How can you love a person but hate what they do?  Can you love and accept your alcoholic brother while still letting him live that lifestyle?  Can you love and accept your slutty sister sleeping around every night without stepping in to do something?  Is that even possible?  It’s not as simple as loving my wife yet hating her cooking.  The only way to love the sin and hate the sinner is to eventually become okay with the sin, right?  So we have.  As the years go by and culture demands that the definition of sin adapt, we invoke “Grace” as our standby.  We’re consumed with it.  Our actions are dictated by it.  After all “where sin increases, grace increases all the more” (Rom. 5:20).

So now we love our sinners and their sins because of it.

Have we come to a point where our grace has itself become sinfully tolerant?


One thought on “Where Did all the Sinners Go?

  1. I think it’s one thing to show acceptance of a person, not requiring them to have conquered their sin before they can maintain relationship with you… It’s another thing to show approval for their sin, saying that it’s okay.

    I have a brother who fought for a long time through addiction. There came a point where constantly reminding him of our disapproval of his lifestyle became futile, and what he really needed a reminder of was our love for him.


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