If Faith Was as Important as Football

If faith was as important as football…

People would talk about God to strangers as much as they do their favorite team

People would share stories of the Bible with their children the same way they do history of teams

People would know scripture as well as they know stats

People wouldn’t give up on their faith because of a bad pastor, elder, or members like they don’t give up on their team because of a coach, coordinators, or players

People would invite friends and family to church like they do tailgate parties

People would still go to church no matter how bad the service is like we still watch a game no matter how bad it is

People would sacrifice time, money, and personal health in support of their faith

People would gladly give up 8 hours a week participating in church like they do watching football

So, if you’re a Christian and the football season just ended.  What will you do with all that time, money, and energy now?  Do you care about God as much as who played this weekend?


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