Procrastinators are Going to Hell

“What may be done at any time will be done at no time.”  ~Scottish Proverb


There’s a reason why Sloth is considered one of the deadly sins.  And it’s probably not for the reasons your thinking.  This has nothing to do with “idle hands are the devils playground” and all that.     It hit me this week as I was, of course, laying on the couch flipping through the channels fighting that nagging feeling in my head that I should be doing something constructive.  The Bible is very specific about procrastinators and the outcome for eternity isn’t very good.  Let me explain.

If you read Matthew chapter 25, it starts with the story of a wedding with 10 bridesmaids.  Five “wise” and five “foolish”.  And all along we’ve thought this story is about being prepared.  But skip to the next story about the talents and conclude with the story sheep and goats and there’s a recurring theme.  It’s full people procrastinating.  They didn’t do what they should have been doing with their time.  It becomes blatantly obvious when Jesus tells his disciples that in the final judgment people will be asked “Where were you when I was hungry, naked, sick, or in prison?”  That statement isn’t for all those “evil” people out there who don’t care and never would think about doing anything to help the poor.  It’s for all those well intentioned, kind, compassionate people who said “I’ll make a donation tomorrow” or “I’ll volunteer the next time” and never did.  It’s all the people who started small groups so they could change their church from the inside out, and never wound up making it past their living room.

We’ve all been there.  Best intentions and all that.  “check back with me in a month when my schedule clears”.  But each time an opportunity to serve others comes up we have another reason to procrastinate.  Here’s the scary part though, most Christian’s believe that Jesus will return “like a thief in the night”.  You’ll never know when He will return.  This is a scary reality for procrastinators.  Think how terrified you would have been if your teacher said on Monday “Your homework could be due any day this week, but I won’t tell you when.”  How long would you have put it off?  Would you do it the first day?  Or would you say to yourself “I’ve got all week”?  What would you have done if you showed up Tuesday in class and you heard “pass your assignments forward”?  Would you try to talk your way out of it?  Try to reason with the teacher “You can’t expect us to do our homework when we don’t have a due date do you”?  Deep down would you really expect any sympathy as you watch all your classmates passing in their completed assignments?

Things that are important to us we don’t procrastinate.  We plan and shop for months to celebrate birthdays, Christmas, or go on vacation.  Women want a man who has planned an elaborate wedding proposal.  Men want a football coach who spent all week designing plays to defeat their arch rival.  And Jesus wants His followers to live their life like He’s coming back…  NOW! Not some distant date closer to the end of your life.  A book full of coulda, shoulda, woulda isn’t what will get you into heaven.


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