There’s No Winner in the Homosexuality Debate

Debate is defined as “engaging in argument by discussing opposing points”.  It’s a formal discussion.  To me discussion means two sides sitting down and rationally presenting their points of view.  You don’t necessarily have to agree, but at least you respect the other person’s point of view.  The “homosexuality debate” doesn’t seem to be doing any of that.

This week the biggest story is the Duck Dynasty drama of Phil Robertson.  With how quickly the story exploded it’s hard to sort out the facts at this point.  What I can gather is he was asked in an interview what he considered sin and he answered with “homosexuality”, along with a list of other sins which no one is taking offense to for some reason.  And with that the internet exploded.  The whole thing seems a bit crazy.  The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  So why is everyone so upset when a conservative Christian is asked what they think about homosexuality and they answer honestly?

Another story which caught my attention was of an Adventist pastor who oversaw the wedding of his lesbian daughter and thereafter lost his job.   Individuals were frustrated with the church’s stance, yet again are seem to be throwing reasonable thought processing out the window.  In this case he directly violated the policy of his employer which grants him the authority to officiate weddings.  If the IT manager for Microsoft lost his job for upgrading all the Surfaces to Ipads, everyone would agree it was a pretty dumb move and he deserved to be fired.  So why the difference here?  Is there so much angst and vitriol that no one is allowed to have a dissenting opinion?  Is that really how far we’ve come on this?

What I can’t make sense of is the goal of the LGBTQ community in these situations.  They want to engage in dialogue promoting equality, only so long as you agree with them.  They want you to take the time to listen to them and understand them and appreciate them, without doing the same in reverse.  I understand that there are years of mental and emotional abuse to overcome.  There are mountains of hurt and betrayal that must be forgiven.  But it’s hard for me to get on board with any argument which doesn’t respect the opinions of the other side.

I’ve tried to remain neutral on the homosexuality/religion/sin debate.  There’s just so much there I’m still trying to make sense of personally.   I don’t believe it’s as black and white as people on either side of the argument want to make it.  I despise the fact that I have family members who feel they can never come home for Christmas because they’re homosexual.  I hate that because I’m a church leader I automatically get lumped in with the “homophobe” group of religious people without anyone sitting down and really talking through it with me.  (speaking of which why is saying “homosexuality is a sin” so hateful yet calling a conservative Christian a “homophobic bigot” isn’t?) 

But it doesn’t seem like anyone’s allowed to have a neutral opinion, let alone one that doesn’t agree with yours when it comes to homosexuality.  Pick a side, you’re either for us or against us.

There’s no winner in this debate.  Those who walk away victorious will have done so at the cost of everyone standing across from them.  Amicable relationships will not occur afterwards.  They aren’t really wanted.

Equality and freedom of speech will only go one way.  The same rights that protect a gay rights parade are not wanted to equally protect Westboro Baptist Church.

We’ll all be losers as we step back to make sure that one group is properly put in their place and censored.  And any dissention will result in the total destruction of their personal and professional lives.


One thought on “There’s No Winner in the Homosexuality Debate

  1. There is a HUGE difference between having an opinion, (which most people are ok with), and actively trying to force your religion upon others through legislation and constitutional amendments. You do realize that it is only within the last few years that it has been recognized that the LGBT communities rights have been suppressed and violated right? This has long been at the hands of “Christians” who want to mold society in their image, with little or no regard for anyone else’s belief systems (or lack thereof.) THIS is why people speak out when a hateful person like Phil Robertson makes comments like he did. Contrary to your statement, he did not just say “homosexuality is a sin.” He compared it to bestiality and said they are all doomed to hell, not to mention a completely homophobic sermon that has surfaced on youtube that he gave. In addition to saying that black people were happier under Jim Crow and segregation. If people stand back and let these types of people gain a following with no backlash, then sooner or later they will start to attack through the legal system and you will have gays being arrested or their rights being taken away, just like in Uganda or Russia. You claim that you are “unbiased” yet you seem perfectly fine with supposed “Christians” going on long rants about how gay people are “destroying society” and trying to amend the constitution, but the second the LGBT community responds back they are suddenly being “intolerant” of the Christianists beliefs. In all of these cases, it has ALWAYS been the Christianists that have “lobbed the first missile” so to speak. It is ALWAYS the Christianists that refuse service to a gay couple, or make homophobic statements in interviews, or attack and beat gay people outside of clubs, or try to get legislation passed, ALWAYS. When is the last time you heard a news story where a pack of rabid gay men attacked and beat a Christian coming out of a church? When is the last time you have seen the LGBT community actively pursuing a constitutional amendment to ban Christianity? All the LGBT community is seeking is the right to marry the person they love, and possibly a society where they can feel safe walking down the street. If the Christianists would just worry about their own lives and their own religion, then there would be no issue.


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