Homosexuality Makes Good Christians Dumb

There are certain things that will make good, smart, well-meaning people turn into complete morons. Things that make our brain stop working momentarily, overcoming common sense in favor of a fleeting moment of primal ecstasy.   They lower our inhibitions and cloud our judgement resulting in decisions we regret very quickly.    I’ve come to conclude that homosexuality is that thing for the majority of Christians.  Like a swimsuit model in a room full of middles school boys or a bottle of Yagermeister with a group of college coeds, homosexuality seems to make Christians stop thinking just long enough to do some of the most unChristian things possible.

It happened this past week with a couple from Missouri who decided to share a little bit of passive aggressive condemnation on their homosexual waiter.  After a lovely meal out with excellent service from their waiter, the couple left a note on their receipt rather than a tip.  The note read:

“Thank you for your service, it was excellent. That being said, we cannot in good conscience tip you, for your homosexual lifestyle is an affront to GOD.  (Gay slur) do not share in the wealth of GOD, and you will not share in ours. We hope you will see the tip your (gay slur) choices made you lose out on, and plan accordingly.  It is never too late for GOD’S love, but none shall be spared for (gay slur). May GOD have mercy on you.”

What struck me first was how did they even know he was gay.  Are Christians going so far as to pass judgement based on their “gaydar” now?  Then there was no extension of grace.  If you don’t believe in what someone is doing, help them (or ignore them entirely which is what most people do).  Why not invite the man to church where he could find Jesus and God’s favor according to your own perceived notion of what proper godly living is?  Every time the Bible gives an example of judgement, the next line is to offer salvation through repentance and fellowship.  But somehow Christians have missed that.  These people like many Christians didn’t even have the nerve to tell the waiter to his face.  They had to leave a note.  They knew deep down what they were doing was cowardly and unChristlike.  
Christians like this need to stop going out to dinner entirely, unless they’re going to Chik-Fil-A.  As a matter of fact, just don’t even leave your house.  After all, you don’t know who’s sinful habit you may be supporting.  You wouldn’t want to support that single mom who got herself knocked up having premarital sex would you?  What about those college students who are just working so they have money to party?  It’s the same mindset that people have when they say “I’m not giving money to the homeless, they’ll just use it on drugs and alcohol.”  Just admit it, you’re cheap and just didn’t want to give anything.  
People should know by now that by doing these sorts of things it simply gathers more support and celebrity for the victim than not doing anything.  The waiter’s tips this past week probably quadrupled thanks to the note.  The couple inadvertently blessed the waiter through their public consternation.
What if this happened the other way around?  What if as the couple bowed their heads to pray over their food, the manager came out and said “folks, I’m sorry but this is a public space and while you’re lovely people we can’t allow you to spread your beliefs by praying in our restaurant.”  The full wrath of every bible-belt church would have come down on that restaurant.  But that’s not the way it happens.  Customer service is blind.  Regardless of color, race, or sexual orientation those who choose to serve know that their livelihood depends on loving those who in many cases like this one, are unlovable.  Sounds almost Christ like doesn’t it?
This isn’t a referendum on homosexuality.  This is about how Christians interact with the world.  This type of behavior is why so many people leave the church and faith entirely.  What Christians need to remember is that these actions will not be forgotten.  There will be a day when all accounts will be called up.  They will be called before their savior to explain why they would behave in such a manner while still claiming to be his followers.  We have a perfect example of how we are to respond to those who may be practicing  a lifestyle we don’t approve of.  Like the young woman caught in the act of adultery and thrown before Jesus, our response should be “I don’t condemn you, but go and stop what you’re doing”.  It’s that simple.  I believe Jesus would have left a tip for hard work earned and then had a conversation with the young man and inviting him into fellowship.  With love and grace we should be an encouragement to each other, after all everyone has sinned and fallen short of that grace so many Christians claim will bless you if you live rightly.  No one deserves it.  And no one deserves to be treated like this waiter.

16 thoughts on “Homosexuality Makes Good Christians Dumb

  1. I am appalled that someone who calls themselves a Christian had the audacity to do that. I guess they are stuck on the scripture about homosexuality and never made it to the New Testament about loving thy neighbor as God loves….

    Very disappointing.


  2. Thank you for writing this post. This needs to be said over and over. How sad it makes me that this is what we are showing the world of our Jesus.


  3. I actually love it when I read stories of christians or any religious people doing stuff like this and it confirms what many non-believers have suspected for a long time. Religion corrupts.


    • Yes, because atheists never do ANYTHING hateful right? Hatefulness isn’t caused by religion, it’s humanity in general. The fact that the non-religious and the religious alike do hateful things proves this. Human beings are imperfect people that sometimes do mean and hateful things no matter what their beliefs.


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  5. One of my favorite sayings is: What was Truth is Truth now, and it always will be Truth. There is One Truth. Everything else is wrong! People aren’t required to like it. That’s just the way it is. So, if we just drill down to the Truth we can all get somewhere. There’s a cure for homosexuality. I know it’s intimidating to many that each thing is either correct, or it’s wrong. Government policies, statutory law and court findings in conflict to Roman Catholic Doctrine are wrong, because no one ever even pretended that government determines the definitions of right and wrong.

    Truth does not change. It is fixed. Individual or group beliefs have no influence over Truth. No matter what any person does or says, Truth lives on, forever! I do not believe the situation actually happened. I think it is contrived to advance a predictable agenda. I hope others will take it for what it is: an exercise in morality.

    No one is permitted to claim any certain person is destined for Hell. But judging behavior, in contrast to the person, is certainly permissible. The alternative is chaos! Nevertheless, failure to follow accepted local customs of tipping, as a means of punishing someone for sin, will probably fail to correct the sinner, because it’s really disguised vengeance, and God says, “Vengeance is Mine!”

    Providing corrective adversity is permissible if you’re God, but man lacks knowledge of the condition or another’s heart. Therefore, Divine Justice administered by man is like a drunkard brandishing club against phantasms. No sane person goes near such a man.


  6. 1. The restaurant was in Kansas, not Missouri.
    2. Why did you censor what the note said? Too embarrassed by the words of your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ?
    3. Your Bible calls for the execution of the entire LGBT community. While you may believe that ignoring parts of your own holy book make you more Christian, there is no intellectual integrity in trying to pass off these people as ‘not part of us’ when technically they’re acting more Christian than you are.


    • 1. The couple was from Missouri, I don’t make reference to the restaurant’s location.
      2. I reposted the comments from the note in the same manner news agencies reported it and it is censored for the same reason they bleep out words from songs on the radio or interviews on television.
      3. I’m sorry for whatever wrong Christianity and it’s followers have done to you. I do claim to be part of them and attempt to live my life the best way I know how as I’m sure you do as well. I would attempt to explain and discuss this further with you, but having done so with other atheists I know that we will not see eye to eye. I appreciate you stopping by my blog and helping with my traffic, because after all isn’t that what all of us in our narcissism want? I wish you well and will make offerings to my spaghetti monster in the sky on your behalf.


      • I was unaware that the couple in question had been identified. I didn’t see this mentioned in any of the articles I researched, including the one you linked to.

        Thank you for…your sarcasm, I guess. This may shock you, but not all atheists follow the flying spaghetti monster, many are capable of dialogue (albeit they probably don’t say things you want to hear) and not all of us are atheists just because someone in the Church hurt us, my own experiences notwithstanding.

        I only speak because I see far too many posts like this referencing a Christian response to homosexuality, when in truth there should not be any Christian response to homosexuality. It should suffice to leave them alone to live their lives in peace.


      • The world would be a lot better if we all left each other alone to live in peace. Admittedly, those with a religious bent are less apt to do so and it seems Christians of late are taking it to a new attention-seeking level. It’s almost like high school boys trying to one up each other with stupid stunts.

        I do appreciate your observations, and I strive hard not to offend or be offended (hence the sarcasm). I’ve learned over the years that Atheists come in all shapes, sizes, and mindsets and have come to their ideologies through as varying a path as anyone seeking “truth” in their life. Therefore, I try not to make it personal as I cannot know you personally by the observations you make on your blog. And while the proclamation of my “faith” may make you feel otherwise, I prefer not to live my life staring down a predestined path of dogma laid out by thousands of years of verbal and physical battles. I believe that Christianity, and religion in general, would be more palatable to many if it were more open to admit it doesn’t have all the answers. My only problem comes when I don’t feel the person I’m dealing with would be someone with whom I could meet, have a drink, discuss, and shake hands with afterwards.


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