The Business of Church

I really appreciate the perspective of a non-believer on the money side of the church. One commenter makes a point about a portion of the revenue of a church being tax free. I’ve been associated with church for a long time and understand all to well how the finances are used. I’d agree that there should be a cap on the tax exemption status of a church. What do you think?

Kids Without Religion

Here’s an interesting article about taxes and churches.

This is the gist if you don’t have time to read: “The deductibility of donations to religious organizations creates a discriminatory religious subsidy. One is free to donate to the religion of one’s choice, but government support of these donations burdens every American, even the non-religious, with support for the faith industry.”

I agree.

Here’s one way of looking at it. Churches are businesses, too, and they have financial goals, special interests and goods that are exchanged, albeit intangible. When you give money to a church, you are receiving a few things: hope, community, inspiration, motivation, a moral structure, a “spiritual home,” forgiveness, life coaching.

The rest of us have to pay for these services from secular businesses. So should a preference for belief in a god allow some taxpayers to deduct their payments (donations)? Nonbelievers, no doubt, would like to…

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