How to Get Rid of God

How would one go about proving there’s no God?  Technically you can’t prove there’s no God, there’s no scientific measure by which you can prove or disprove the existence of a god.  But there is something that can be done to eliminate the desire for God.  Do good.  It’s simple really.  If you want to show something doesn’t exist, show that you can do what it can’t.

The first argument from any atheist to question the existence of God is “since evil and suffering exist, then a loving god cannot”.  That can also be translated to “if there’s a loving God, why do bad things happen to good people”.  But does evil disprove God’s goodness and love or does it reinforce it’s existence?  If we didn’t have evil, how would we know what good is?  The more I’ve read and studied in my spiritual life the more I’m convinced that the existence of evil is stronger proof of God than the existence of good.  For the majority of people I’d say good is natural.  We have a conscience that tells us basic right from wrong.  Evil is the opposite of God and exists because of our conscious choice to live contrary to the love of God.  Therefore, if you show that life can be lived in love, peace, and harmony with your fellow man without a reliance upon God, you in essence eliminate the need for God.

Dr. John Kreeft in an interview with Lee Strobel for the book The Case for Faith explains “The source of evil is not God’s power, but mankind’s freedom.  Even an all-powerful God could not have created a world in which people have genuine freedom and yet there is no potentiality for sin, because our freedom includes the possibility of sin within it’s own meaning… with the granting of that choice comes the possibility that people would choose instead to hate.”

Ask a Christian how their life would be different without their faith in God and they’ll likely tell you they’d be more selfish, less caring for others, and even have slightly less regard for the law.  Some would go so far as to paint a stark picture of the world thrown into chaos where morality and human decency doesn’t exist.  There’s this naïve belief that morals only exist with faith in God, a belief that many atheists take offense to and rightly so.  If I were an atheist, I wouldn’t worry about running around trying to pass legislation to remove the ten commandments from courthouses and Bible class from schools.  I would focus on using science, reason, and logic to start solving the problems of the world.  I’d spend my time doing all the good that I feel isn’t being done by Christians and their so called loving God.

Again, you aren’t proving there is no God.  You’re eliminating the need for God.  Atheists choose to believe there is no God which in essences takes just as much faith as believing there is a God, since neither can be proven scientifically.  If you believe God doesn’t exist, prove the world doesn’t need him. There’s enough food and medicine to care for the entire planet.  There are billions of dollars spent on senseless frivolity that if devoted providing something as simple as clean water to every person on the planet would change the world.

The existence of two options provides evidence of both.  Like day and night.  Take away one and soon people would cease to believe in both.  If there was no more night, daytime would still exist but people’s perception of it would change so that they no longer realize there’s a difference.  Life would simply exist with constant light.  Take away evil and people will soon become complacent enough with constant good they wouldn’t rely on God as the source of that good.  Even Christian’s will slowly leave God in good times.  I’ve seen it over and over where Christians who live well and comfortably slowly become complacent with their faith.  Who needs God when everything is going so well?  People realize their need for God when they realize the world without His goodness.  They see the evil and sin in the world around them and cling to the God who promises a life free from all of it.  Churches exploded after the September 11 attacks as people sought God for peace and understanding.

Evil is proof there is a loving God because it reveals a world without His love to us.  We see the results of good choices and blessings on those around us as the result of a loving creator God who doesn’t wish to see us suffer.  Who provided a world the was “good” from the beginning, but in which our own freedom introduced sin and suffering.  We took it upon ourselves to do our own will, taking the world from His omnipotent hands.  We pray for God’s blessings to guide us and to bring relief from sin in this world.  And even if I didn’t believe in God, I’d seek that same end all the more.  So that through the self-made will of man I would prove the reliance on God as obsolete.

But even in the end, after all the disease is cured, every child is fed and educated, and war is dead you would be haunted with one question.  Where did this desire to do good come from?  And once again you come to God.


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