Teacher Fired for Modeling

The general consensus is that teacher’s are overworked and underpaid.  It’s not uncommon for teachers to pick up summer jobs or side work in addition to their regular teaching duties to supplement their income.  So why would an English teacher at Martin County High School in Florida get fired for doing some modeling on the side?  Apparently, she’s good at it and after only a few months of modeling bikini swimwear under a different name, school officials found out and asked her to resign.  The teacher, her real name is Olivia Sprauer, told the Huffington Post:

“Lots of teachers get fired or asked to resign for the same things I did,” Sprauer told HuffPost. “I knew I didn’t want to come back next year and I knew I wanted to go to grad school so I decided if I made it to the end of the year I would be happy.”

The divorced mother of two told CNN in an interview that she can make in two days what she makes in two weeks as a teacher.  I don’t have a lot of sympathy since she admits she knew the risk and even took the precaution to change her modeling name so people wouldn’t find out, but I’m curious as to why it’s a big deal for the school.  She says in the interview that students see her on a day to day basis and while she’s not prancing around in a bikini, students can come to their own conclusions about whether she’s sexy or not without it.  And they probably have.  Students having a crush on a “hot teacher” is as old as the school system itself, so I wonder if the school saw the modeling as opening the door to distractions or even unwanted advances from students.

Why wouldn’t a school want an attractive confident teacher who’s comfortable with her body to set an example for young self-conscious girls?  It’s a better example than Farrah Abraham, the MTV “Teen Mom” star who was not only glamourized for getting pregnant in high school, but has now begun doing pornography.  Either way, I just don’t see what the big deal is.





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