Disabled Entrepreneur Finds Hole in Disney Customer Service

If you’ve ever been to one of the Disney theme parks and waited in line, you may have noticed the families with disabled members who stroll past everyone else to the front of the line.  It’s hard not to notice as you stand next to the sign that says “90 minute wait from this point” as people step in front of you to get on the ride who never waited a minute.  Well, apparently several Manhatton mom’s noticed and hired their very own disabled person to get them to the front of the line. 

According to the New York Post ” the moms pay $130 an hour to hire a disabled, “black-market” guide, who uses her position—sitting in a motorized scooter—to help entitled families gain special access to rides.”  Smart ladies if you ask me.  They found an entrepreneuring individual who is turning her disability into an asset. 

I’ve always found the level of service that Disney provided to handicap families amazing and yet a little unfair.  I’m actually surprised it took this long for someone to expose the hole in the system.  The first time I visited Disneyland my mom had recently had surgery and while she wasn’t handicapped by any means, she simply didn’t have the endurance yet to walk around with us all day.  So we rented a wheel chair so she could rest when needed.  That wheel chair was our golden ticket to the front of the line before Fast-Passes had been created.  To this day my dad always wants to rent a wheel chair which I won’t let him do. 

If you go to Disney’s website and look at the details for the Guest Assistance Pass it explains that it’s not a “special fast pass” or “golden ticket” and you’ll find plenty of individuals who used them who say they wait the same as everyone else.  But my experience is everyone I see enter via the handicap line winds up on the ride much faster than if they had been in line with me.  And if it weren’t the case the mom’s from Manhatton wouldn’t have found an area to exploit in the worlds premier customer service organization. 




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