What Will Keep You Out of Church Today?

A pastor friend of mine recently posted the following question on Facebook, “What will keep you out of church today?”  I browsed through the comments and found that the overwhelming majority of the answers was “I’m tired and don’t feel like it”.  What does that even mean?  How can you so trivialize church that you only go when “you feel like it”?

Churchgoing has become a habit for the old and an inconvenient entertainment option young.  If you don’t believe me, answer this “What would make you go to church when you don’t feel like it?”  A guest preacher you’ve wanted to hear?  The music?  Drama?  Friends?  Maybe your answer is “I feel guilty if I don’t”.  How far down the list do you go before you come to “so I can meet with God”?  Where does that put God on our list of priorities?

But I thought church was where we went to refresh our souls and recover from the burdens of the week in the fellowship of the body of Christ?  When was the last time you heard a church member describe church that way?

What I don’t understand about people who don’t feel like going to church is I have every excuse they do as well.  It’s been a long week, I just want to sleep in one day, I get a better blessing in personal devotions, I don’t feel like dealing with the church politics…  The list can go on and on.  Every excuse that you can come up with I can match it and do you one better.  But the problem is for some crazy reason I still go.  I go because even in the weeks when I dread crossing the threshold of that building I inevitably find God there.  He’s lurking there waiting to reveal himself to me in no way that nature walks and personal Bible study can’t.  He is there where two or more are gathered, and believe me there is at least one other person there who feels the same way you do.

Have we lost sight of God in our churches?  Maybe so, but He’s still there.  He hasn’t lost sight of us.  And sometimes, like Moses, we have to travel to the mountain to catch a glimpse of Him because sitting around waiting for Him to find us just isn’t the same.


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