My Super Bowl Party Stopped for Paul Harvey

Twelve of us sit in overstuffed theater recliners in front of the 80 inch projector screen glued to what could possibly be the greatest comeback in Super Bowl History.  Time Out, cut to commercial.  The black screen fades to a static image of a cow standing in a field on a cold winter day; the words “Paul Harvey” over it.  Then the iconic voice begins and everything stops.  Pizza slices freeze midway between plate and mouth.  Cups sit with rims resting on lips, but no drinks taken.  Talking, tweeting, and texting ceases.  The words and images overcome us.  It’s like we can smell the manure and feel the sun on our backs as we bail hay.  “God made a farmer”.   

Images roll across the screen of families, children, and communities.  Of strong hands doing the toughest chores on earth yet so delicate as to cradle a young chick as it hatches from an egg.  I no longer want my life, full of distractions and electronics.  I want to be free to work the land, earning and appreciating everything I have with each bead of sweat on my brow.  There’s something deep in my soul that responds to the call of for “somebody who would nail a family together with the soft strong bonds of sharing”. 

I’m broken as the words ring through the room as God wants a man who “will laugh and sigh, then reply with smiling eyes, when his son says that he wants to spend his life doing what dad does.”

My Super Bowl party stopped.  Did yours?  As we began texting others to see what they thought, we found out the same  feeling overcame many others.  The revelry stopped for that commercial.  Did the whole world stop for that instant?  What was it about that commercial?

What was it that made me want to be a better man? 

A better husband, father, and school board member.

I didn’t want a truck, I wanted a different, simpler, and dare I say better way of life.

I can’t describe it.  It was an overwhelming sense of pride, nostalgia, and sadness.  God created a farmer, not a businessman or an industrialist or a politician or a scientist or even a pastor.  Someone to get up early, go to bed late, work hard, tend to the calves, and care for their family. Is it that simple?


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