Why Stop With Gun Control?

Why is Gun control the issue that people care about most right now?  Many believe that the government needs to take control of gun ownership to make people more responsible and cut down on gun violence.  But why stop there?  With so many other problems in the world that have yet to be addressed maybe the government needs to get involved in helping individuals make better decisions in other areas of life as well.  There are a lot of problems in this world that have shown that people just aren’t responsible enough to answer and as a responsible government, action needs to be taken.

The Obesity Epidemic

Restaurants are to blame for allowing Americans to eat themselves to death.  Therefore all fast food restaurant registers should be fitted with a blood pressure cuff and scale.  Your menu at restaurants and shopping at grocery stores will be restricted based on a thorough health background check first.

Drinking & Driving Fatalities

The automotive industry and bars are to blame for people drinking and driving.  Therefore,  breathalyzer sensors will be installed in all vehicles.  Failure to pass will shut off the car’s engine.  Alcohol sales will include a record search and anyone with a DUI will not be able to make purchases.

Reckless Driving, Road Rage, and Vehicle Fatalities

Again, who do we blame for this?  Radio, drive thru restaurants, or just the automotive industry?  Lets start by installing a GPS regulator that will not let you exceed the posted speed limit.  Then place insurance and driving record checks on car sales.  Too many speeding tickets and you don’t get to buy that Corvette you wanted; it’s a Prius for you.  Then maybe eliminate drive thru restaurants so people can’t be distracted while eating  and driving.  And there should only be one radio station that plays soothing music with no commercials to reduce road rage and distractions trying to change stations.

The List Could Go on

  1. Divorce and Marriage – Maybe we should have regulations on how and when you can get married including government mandated counseling and required dating guidelines.
  2. Personal Finance and Debt – Why are check advance places and credit card companies even allowed to exist?
  3. Having Children – Maybe there should be restrictions on who can have children based on age, finances, and mental/emotional development.
  4. Movies & Video Games – Why not have regulations that stop Hollywood and gaming industry from making anything violent?  Only comedies and staring Sandra Bullock and documentaries from now on.

Yes, there are a lot of things wrong with society.  But at what point do you start saying one is more detrimental than another and not look at regulating others?


One thought on “Why Stop With Gun Control?

  1. Good point. I fail to understand the religious faith that some people put in government. God created people with the right and the responsibility to run their own lives, not delegate it to government – or church.


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