Can You Support Gun Control and Gay Marriage?

Have you seen the video below? I haven’t seen the original infomercial, but appreciate the juxtaposition of this version displaying what the actors say versus what they actually do.  As the clip shows, the hypocrisy of individuals who make millions of dollars from violent movies or even comedic violence is blatant. However, while watching the video the thought came to mind; how can celebrities band together in support of gun control, while so many will stand up for gay rights? At the core of each argument is “human rights” correct? How is one a human right and the other not?

The argument many would have for gay marriage is “everyone has the right to love and marry who they wish”. The same argument is be made for guns “everyone has the right to own a gun”.  As one conservative website put it

“If those who view gun ownership as a privilege granted by government, rather than a right originated by God, are successful in taking away our guns they will be back to take away our Bibles. Freedoms are linked, and tend to fall like dominoes”

Freedoms are linked

Can you support one and not the other?

Can you support the right to gay marriage, but not to own a gun?

Can you support the right to own a gun, but not gay marriage?

What’s the difference between a “God given right” and a “human right”?

Lot’s of people will point to video game and movie violence as precursors to actual violence.  But there are equally as many people who will point to homosexual lifestyle as detrimental to family dynamics.  So as a Christian Conservative or a Progressive Liberal, can you split the two arguments without being a hypocrite? 



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