God’s Story – He’s Always There

What do the Creation, Cain & Abel, Noah, Tower of Babel, and Abraham stories all have in common?  Besides being in the book of Genesis?

God was there.

And not just there as in a passive bystander, but an active and I’d even argue main character in each story.

God created the world.  God rejected Cain’s sacrifice, then argued with him after Cain slew Abel.  God regretted even creating man and vowed to destroy them all until He found Noah.




Over and over again, the stories don’t exist without God.  God called, God saved, God blessed.  He is always there in the middle of the story.  And as you start piecing all of the stories together, you find that the story of humanity is the story of God.  Reading through the Bible with this thought in mind, you can’t help but find an intimate God seeking to have a relationship with His creation.  It’s not an angry God of the Old Testament versus the loving God of the New Testament.  Nor is it an inconsistent God portrayed by different writers throughout the Bible.

It’s like arguing who the main character is in the Lord of the Rings.  Is it Frodo or Samwise?  Why is it not Gandalf, Aragorn, or even Sauron?  The story is entirely greater than all of them.  As William Shakespeare would say “All the world is a stage, and we are merely players”.  We’re playing a part in a much bigger story than any of us comprehends.  It’s God’s story.  And no matter where you turn, He is there.  Sometimes, we just choose not to see him because we think someone else is the main character.

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