Reasons an Atheist Church is the Same as a Regular Church

Responding to the news from several sources of an Atheist church which held services in Great Britain this past weekend, I wondered what would really be different.  Enjoy…

1.  They will inevitably have a music committee that argues over appropriate styles for services

2.  In 25 years they’ll be trying to figure out where all their young people have gone

3.  Members will complain that the “pastor” isn’t scientific enough

4.  There  will be an “Evangelism” committee who discusses ways to win new converts

5.  Community service projects will only have 10% of the members show up

6.  In 5 years, there will be people who will leave disillusioned by the message

7.  “Elders” will argue over who is more devout

8.  “Faithful” members will accuse others of being “Lukewarm and just going through the motions”

9.  There will be philosophical differences and eventually a church split

10.  Someone elses church will be cooler


One thought on “Reasons an Atheist Church is the Same as a Regular Church

  1. When I found out about this a few days ago, I had to laugh because the blog I read it on was miffed that atheists were organizing like a religion (this from an atheist blog). It got me to thinking the same thing–now who is going to decide what orthodox atheism is since some believe its good to organize and others do not? Thanks for the chuckle. God bless:)


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