You Know You’re a Sinner If

Do you know if you’re a sinner or a saint?  Well, here’s a quick checklist to help you figure it out.

You might be a sinner…

1.  If the pastor’s sermon about the 7 deadly sins reminds you to post pictures from last weekend.

2.  If the only reason you own a copy of the Bible is because you accidentally took it from the hotel.

3.  If you make mental note to stop by the liquor store while partaking in communion.

4.  If you’re the only person in your church to truly know that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.

5.  If you’ve ever interrupted a Bible study to ask why Jacob had 4 wives.

You might be a saint if…

1.  If all the preset buttons in your car are the same Christian station, just different frequencies for when you travel.

2.  If you have a list of people who are more sinful than you.

3.  If Pat Robertson isn’t offensive, he’s just quirky and reminds you of grandpa.

4.  If you have 9 copies of the Bible and they are all King James

5.  If the pastor’s home phone number is programmed on your speed dial



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