What I Hate About Gift Exchanges

I love Christmas, with the exception of one thing. Gift exchanges. Now I’m not talking about Christmas morning gift opening with your family. I’m talking about all those office parties and gift exchanges with extended family you havent seen in 5 years. I appreciate the sentiment, but can’t we just enjoy each other’s time without pretending to know each other’s personal interests? Let’s celebrate the holidays without the compulsion to give gifts. With that, why I hate gift exchanges:

1. I inevitably draw the name of the one person in my office that’s hardest to shop for
2. The male to female ratio in the office is way off and I know I’m going to pick the gift box full of bath sugar scrub
3. There’s always one person who thinks white elephant gifts are a great time to give fake dog poop.
4. That person who loves giving so much, they can’t stick to the dollar amount and make everyone look bad
5. Knowing how many of the $1 gifts I just gave and received will wind up in the trash before new years
6. The gift card for the restaurant I only go to because I got the same gift card last year.
7. Home made gifts. Enough said.
8. Regifting, yes I can tell this has been sitting in your house for a year to regift because I’m the one who regifted it last year.
9. 10 different rule variations to the “white elephant gift exchange”
10. Realizing you’re the guy from #3 and got the gift from #4.



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