Why Do Atheists Fight Christmas

In a recent article in the Christian Post titled “Merry Atheist Nothingness“, the author tells how the city of Santa Monica banned all Christmas displays after an atheist used his holiday display to attack and mock the Christian nativity.  The author goes so far as to say atheism “has neither created nor provided human society with anything other than despair and the unparalleled mass murders perpetrated by the atheistic totalitarian regimes of the 20th century“.  While I don’t agree with the level to which he takes his conclusion of atheism as a blight on humanity, I still ask “what do atheists wish to accomplish, especially around the holidays?” 
I’ve tried for several years now to understand Atheists and have given up.  For their strong commitment to logic and knowledge, many of their opinions and actions are as illogical and hypocritical as Christians.  Christmas being the the pinnacle.  Why complain about, yet celebrate a holiday whose soul purpose is the celebration of a “myth” you do not believe in?  Why argue, sue, and disparage those who celebrate it for it’s intended purpose?  Furthermore:
1.  Do you allow your children to believe in Santa Claus?
2.  Do you have a Christmas Tree?
3.  Is there a star on the tree?
4.  If given the option would you or do you work Christmas day?
5.  Do you allow other people’s children to believe in Santa Claus?
6.  Why don’t you run ads discouraging people from celebrating Hannukah, Kwanzaa, or Ramadan?
Christmas exists as a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ who came as the savior of mankind.  It was not created because we needed a holiday between Thanksgiving and New Years just so that Macy’s can make money from people spending too much.  And what I see is atheists choose Christianity as the face of their battle since they would be seen as  insensitive and racist if they attacked any other belief or fairy tale.  But if they wish to celebrate the holidays for family, thankfulness, and giving feel free.  But to really prove their point, I’d appreciate if they started protesting Santa Claus at the mall as well.  Otherwise, don’t try to change what the original and planned meaning of the holiday is.

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