Questions About Sin

SIN.  It’s one of those things that people like to point out and gossip about.  Religious leaders love to preach about sin.  Defining sin supposedly tells us about the nature of God and how we have separated ourselves from him.  But have you ever thought about where sin came from?  Or allowed yourself to ask  questions about God that don’t really have an answer?

1. Where did sin come from?  The doctrine of original sin states that man is sinful and it is part of his nature since the fall of man.  But if it was existent after the fall, where did it come from before the fall?  Were sinful tendencies in Adam and Eve before the fall, otherwise we wouldn’t have “The Fall” right?

2. If you blame sin on Lucifer, then where did his sinful tendency come from?  He existed before Earth was created.  If Lucifer was perfect in heaven and second only to Jesus, what caused his fall?

3. If none of this is so and we are sinful by nature after the fall, did God create a new nature in us after He kicked man out of Eden?  Why would he do that?  Why place a nature in creation that would put it at odds with Him?

4. Isn’t it possible therefore that sin could come up again after the second coming and new creation of the world?  If it happened once, why won’t it happen again?

5. If the basic definition of sin is “Anything that separates us from God”, technically God can never sin.  Therefore couldn’t God do bad things, “sinful things” as we see them, but they still wouldn’t be sin because God did them?  Wouldn’t this answer the question how God could kill all the people in the old testament?

There are a lot of people who are afraid to allow themselves to ask these questions.  They believe that by thinking this way they’re opening themselves up to Agnosticism or even Atheism.  Yes, many people have thought through these types of things and left their religious upbringing, but there are many who haven’t.  Ignoring the tough questions of sin related to belief is like ignoring that there are shortcomings in the school system because you know someone who dropped out of High School.

It’s always bothered me how Christian’s have shunned people who ask questions.  You attend a Bible study and veer too far off the given lesson, and you’re asked not to come back.  Why?  We want our pastor’s to have all the answers like some great and powerful Wizard of Oz.

I’m not afraid to ask the questions because I’m not afraid to look for answers.  I want to search for them and to see what I discover about God and about myself along the way.  No religious individual should accept their faith without taking to time to understand how, what, and why.  Not every question in the universe can be answered.  But does that mean the question isn’t worth asking?


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