What Will Christian’s Do Until the Next Election?

What would happen if people took the time, money, and vigor they put into this past years election and applied it to their faith in 2013? 

What could the Christian Left and the Conservative Right accomplish for the glory of God’s Kingdom, not the earthly one they have been stumping for?

What would happen if Christians donated their political dollars to feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and healing the sick in the same volume that they did for their favorite politician?

Imagine how many lives would change if those claiming to be followers of Jesus spent half as much time studying their Bibles as they did styding their party’s platform.  Taking the time to build a personal relationship with their savior the same as they did with their candidate. 

What if every Christian lived unashamed of their faith, willing to wear it, share it, and talk to others as openly about it as they do the red, white, and blue yard signs, bumper stickers, and facebook posts?

How would the world change if our hope was in something and someone that wasn’t controlled by super packs, lobbyists, and summits?

Would we need a politician then to change the world for us?


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