Reason’s I Don’t Vote

Today it seems like every church I drove by had lines wrapped around it for people waiting to vote.  Many people I know have or will vote in what many are claiming to be “the most important election of our lifetime”.  There was once a time where I thought I would register to vote, but so far never have.  No one has given me a reason to.  So far it feels like every election has been about choosing “the lesser of two evils”; which I’m not inclined to do.  I’ll admit the country is a disaster and braver men in our history would have called for revolution by now. 

Yes I have very strong political and social opinions; and as much as I care about the future left to my kids, there is little about today’s political environment I find worthy of my support.  So I thought I’d share a few of my reason’s why I’m sitting home today while many (including my wife) take their turns to vote.

1.  Politics are a popularity contest and no one seems to care about anything more than getting elected.  Save your memoirs and appearances on Letterman for after you’re out of office and have something to show for it.

2.  My vote may matter, but what I think doesn’t.  Very few of the things congress does are actually good for the majority of people.  It’s usually small pockets of individuals who benefit the most.

3.  The guy I would vote for probably wouldn’t win the election anyway.  At least that’s been the case the past two elections.

4.  The Electoral College (Enough said).

5.  Yes it’s my right to vote, but it’s also my right to own a firearm and I don’t do that either.

6.  There’s something fishy about a system that you even though you’re a citizen of the country you have to register separately to do.

7.  Those in the political process are so far removed from normal life they don’t know how to do the simplest things like balance a budget.

8.  Those elected don’t want to work together to make America better.  I have co-workers and leaders I don’t necessarily agree with, but I still work with them to move our company forward.

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