Now You Know How a Bully Feels

“Poor baby.  You gonna cry?  You need me to call a WAAAAmbulance?  You’re so stupid.  Why don’t you just grow a pair and admit how dumb you are?  I can’t believe how stupid you look right now.”

Everyone knows the situation.  There’s that person who just doesn’t get it.  They are willfully clueless, ignoring the most obvious social gravitas.  They just don’t seem to get how out of touch they are with things.  You have to say something to show them how they need to change.  But they don’t deserve sympathy, just a swift kick in the rear is the right motivation.  It feels good doesn’t it?  Like you’re king of the world?  You’re smarter, stronger, and superior to those other people and now they know it right?  YEAH!!! High Five Bro!!!


At a time where bullying is the buzz word on everyone’s lips, we’ve engaged in one of the most virulent political season’s I have ever witnessed.  The quotes above aren’t from a football jock picking on a nerd in gym class.  They’re comments I’ve seen from adults via Facebook regarding the opposition to their political stance.  As I read one post this morning I finally had enough.

There is no excuse for that kind of behavior, period.  I don’t care if it’s an innocuous comment aimed at the air, guess what, people read them or hear them and those thoughts spread.  And people begin to think it’s okay to think or say those things.  Then it effects how you treat other people.  JUST STOP IT!!!

How would you feel if you came home and heard your 6 year old sitting in front of the TV saying “Gosh, I can’t believe how gay Spongebob is.  How retarded do you have to be to create something this stupid?” (and yes I’m aware I just used all the bullying buzzwords)  Trust me, even though that comment aimed at people and things that will never hear them, that’s going to show up in school one day.  It’ll come out on the playground.  And then what will you do?  Last week a pro-Romney student was bullied by his teacher and is now afraid to return to school.  But because it’s a teacher expressing her opinion to someone whom she deems has an inferior intellect it’s okay.  And it teaches bullying.

Is it time we just accept that bullying isn’t going to stop?  The only reason people care is because they see little kids getting bullied.  But when you get to be an adult, no problem.  Bully whoever and however you want.  And don’t respond saying “The difference is I’m not bullying an individual, I’m just making comments in general.  And those people will never see them.”  Really?  So it’s okay to act that way because you’re not physically or emotionally harming someone directly?

Bullying is intolerance.  Intolerance for people who think different, look different, talk different, and pretty much do anything different from what you think is right or cool.  That’s at the heart of every bully, intolerance.  And if you’re one of those people who can’t stand someone who doesn’t line up to walk and talk and think the way you do, then you know exactly what a bully feels before they pummel a kid in the locker room.

I try to raise my kids and teach my youth group how to treat people right.  And it’s not just about treating them right to their face.  It’s about loving them and serving them even though you may never meet them.  Yet, all they have to do is look at the adults that are supposed to know how to behave to know it really doesn’t matter.  When you get to be an adult, bullying still exists.  It’s just expressing your opinion.  There’s a right way and a wrong way to do it though.  So far, I’m seeing more people doing it the wrong way and I’m sick of it.

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