Evangelism Gone Wrong

My church is beginning a major evangelistic series this evening which is the culmination of two years of planning and preparation.  While evangelism and witnessing is at the core of Christianity, it is most frequently one of the biggest turn-off’s as well.  That got me thinking about what are some of the worst examples of evangelism?

1.  The Spanish Inquisition – Here’s an idea, let’s arrest and torture Jews and Muslims so they will convert to Christianity.  Yeah, that’s the way Jesus would have done it.

2.  The Crusades – I know I’ve accepted the blood of Jesus as my salvation, but  if I go to war and kill non-believers they’ll see the power of Jesus and come to love him the way I do.

3.  Witch Trials – My neighbor seems really weird.  I’m going to talk to my pastor about drowning them in the river to convert them.  It’s kinda like baptism right?

4.  Westboro Baptist Church – My Bible says to make signs, yell at random people, and make a scene at every public event I can to spread the love and peace of Jesus.  

5.  Sidewalk Preachers – I got it.  I’m going to go downtown and yell Bible verses at random strangers.  Because the best way to share the story of salvation is in 15 seconds with people who aren’t even paying attention to you.

(I hope everyone reading this picks up on the sarcasm and doesn’t take this seriously.)


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