Egypt & Libya tells us to Butt Out and We Should

It’s time to call it a day with foreign relations to Arab countries.  I’m all for peace, love, and support of our fellow man, but enough is enough.  The ongoing attacks this week on US embassies in the Middle East are a clear sign that we (the US) isn’t welcome there.  To be honest, they (Arab countries) really never wanted us there.  American hostages and attacks on embassy’s go back to the 1970’s.  We stuck our nose into something that we shouldn’t have all in the sake of world peace, justice, and let’s be honest OIL.  Look what that has gotten us.  $4 gas prices, A trillion dollars in debt, a dead ambassador, and abandoned embassies in Egypt and Libya.

This morning, the US is moving warships into the gulf as protesters gather around the embassy in Yemen.  The director, a Coptic Christian who originally claimed to be a Jew, has consistently tried to stir the pot by speaking defending the movie as “100% American”.  Now the director has gone into hiding rather than stand his ground for what he believes.  He’s issued no apology and no one’s attacking Israel.  Don’t hate America for giving him the same freedom to make the movie as we give Muslims to worship and live here.  

Christopher Stevens, the ambassador to Libya who was killed, was part of the US envoy sent to Libya in 2002 to rebuild relations with the country.  He had been actively engaged in  supporting the people through the Arab Spring and removal of Gadhaffi.  None of that bought him any good will as agnry mobs attacked the compound, killed him, and reportedly dragged his body through the streets.

Meanwhile the local police support to help protect our foreign dignitaries is moving in slow motion.  If it was a small crowd with signs outside the palace of the dictators who had raped the country, military action including tanks would have been swift.  ABC news reports the attacks in Libya went on for 4-5 hours. The response, or lack there of, to put a stop to the escalating violence from local authorities and governments seems to say “Sorry, but we really don’t care”.   Does anyone really think that the organizers and killers will be brought to justice as President Obama claims?  It took how long to find Bin Laden?

Jim Geraghty in the National Review shared that the Obama Administration plans to move forward with a proposed plan to provide $1 billion in aid to Egypt.  His response should be the response of every American including our president.  “You burn our embassy’s flag on 9/11, you get jack squat in foreign aid for the next five years.”  I’d recommend one step further.  Park the warship, load all our troops and foreign dignitaries, and let the Arab countries move on with their lives without us.

There has been absolutely nothing to gain from our presence in the Middle East.  Yet, unemployment in the US is as high as ever, the deficit is growing, the economy is shot, and our politicians are bickering like children over the last popcicle.  Libya and Egypt don’t need us or want us.  And right now the best thing for America would be to rebuild political bonds from a distance.  So let’s take care of our own.  There’s this thing called “The United Nations” who is there to help police the world and bring justice.


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