What I Want from my President

I don’t envy being president of the United States.  The criticism they endure living under the microscope of the world isn’t something I would wish for anyone.  But on the flip side, I’ve often felt like I could do such a better job than most do.  I think of the movie “Dave” where a presidential look-a-like finds himself as the commander in chief after the actual president has a stroke.  He calls an accountant buddy of his to look over the national budget and after hours of review he says “if I ran my business like this I’d be closed in 6 months”.

Those on capital hill have lived in a bubble for so long, what they know of life as Joe the plumber might as well have come from a novel.   When that happens, it’s the squeeky wheel that gets the grease; or in the world of politics those who make the most noise and throw the most money.  Decisions are made by committee and poll.  And those representing their constituents are so far removed from what it’s like to be a normal American, they have no clue what it’s like to have their home devalued.

So amidst all the bickering, belittling, and BSing this fall, here’s what I really want my president to be:

1.  I want my president to know what it’s like to get turned down for a mortgage.  To have to readjust your life and your finances at the request of someone else who has the power to say what something is worth based on the banks best interest.

2.  I want them to know how to shop on a budget.  To go into a store and have to decide what goes back on the shelf and what goes in the cart because there’s only so much money this week.

3.  I want them to get mad every pay period realizing that 30+ percent of what I earn is going somewhere that I have no control over and watch those people squander it.

4.  I want them to know how to use a checkbook, debit card, and Quicken.  To know where every penny goes and how to make a budget that you have to live by or the car gets repossessed.

5.  I want them realize that taking care of American’s sometimes means leaving them alone.  Like a parent raising a child, sometimes you have to tell people to put on their big boy pants and live with the choices they’ve made not empower them to keep doing it.

6.  I want them to have served in the military.  To know what it’s like to take orders you must follow and be willing to sacrifice for the good of others.

7.  I want them to spend as much time talking with Joe the plumber as they do with Brad Pitt.  Knowing that the reality of celebrities is even more skewed than their own and that there are far more average people voting for them than movie stars.

8.  I want them to worry about fixing our nation before meddling in the problems of other countries.  To realize the United Nations is only as powerless as we make them by constantly interfering.

9.  I want them to realize that maybe only 51% of the nation voted for them, they serve all 100%.  Party lines are no reason to ignore the beliefs held by those who voted for someone else.


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