Lazy Hippie Mama

I have a problem with “Bible thumpers.”

You know… those folks who will beat you over the head with the Word of God in order that you might “get saved.”

This is why:

If you are a Christian, living as Christ instructed, you will never need to “thump” anyone to get their attention.

Your life… your every thought and action and reaction in life should radiate like a bright shining light in the world.

In fact, we are told that, as Christians, we are like a bright light on a hill.  Everyone for miles around can’t help but notice it.

I wonder, sometimes, if my life looks any different to the world than the lives of all those around me.  Is it obvious that I’m a Christian?

Consider this bit of a letter written by Paul and Timothy to the church at Phillipi (emphasis, mine):

Rejoice in the Lord always

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