Should Conservatives Still Support Todd Akin?

This past week Todd Akin made headlines with his comment about “legitimate rape”.  Since his comments and the subsequent call for him to be removed from the Missouri ballot by the GOP, there has apparently been a show of support for him.  Apparently Todd Akin’s comments resonate with the socially conservative end of the republican party.  David Lane, an evangelical activist, wrote an e-mail to fellow activists Thursday morning saying “Following the pounding of Todd Akin by the GOP kings and lieutenants in the last 36 hours, I’ve come to the conclusion that the real issue is the soul of America…  The swift knee-jerk reaction to throw Akin, a strong conservative pro-life, pro-family born again Christian under the bus by some in the Republican Party is shining the light on their actual agenda,”

Wait!  “The soul of America” is at stake? Because our only option is to vote for Todd Akin or turn the country over to baby-killing, immoral, Atheists? 

What I see is, do I want the “Soul of America” to be represented by an individual who would make such an idiotic statement as “legitimate rape”?  By Todd Akins reasoning, if a woman’s body has a defense to shut down, maybe men have the same ability.  Maybe if a man didn’t want to have kids his body could just stop the process.  And if that’s the case, why even have a contraception debate in the first place?

My problem with Todd Akin isn’t so much in his strong pro-life stance or his religious views.  My problem is in voting someone into public office to help guide the direction of our country who would make such an ill informed statement as “legitimate rape”.  There is no scientific study that can prove anything of what he said.  Even the stance that all rape victims who get pregnant from their attackers seek abortions is inaccurrate. 

Just because Todd Akin shares many of the same values as you, does that mean you should blindly support him despite blatant ignorance?  The issue to me isn’t about pro-life and pro-choice.  It’s about how far will Christian’s support one another despite obvious flaws.  How different is it from Joe Paterno supporting his long time friend Jerry Sandusky?  Joe couldn’t believe his friend would do such a thing and covered it up.  Now, Jerry Sandusky was committing an atrocious crime and should receive the harshest punishment imaginable, but do you get my point? 

Are we so blinded by our mutual bond (conservative, liberal, pro-life, pro-choice, etc) that we fail to see the individual flaws in front of us?  If Todd Akin is so easily convinced about “legitimate rape” what other non-sense is he susceptible of being convinced?  Todd Akin deserves criticism.  Just as many of us deserve criticism from our friends and loved ones when we do something stupid.  And even the most loving parent eventually has to kick their 35 year old, deadbeat, unemployed son out of the house for his own good.

Source: CNN


One thought on “Should Conservatives Still Support Todd Akin?

  1. “My problem is in voting someone into public office to help guide the direction of our country who would make such an ill informed statement as “legitimate rape”.”

    The appalling thing (to me — a woman, a feminist, a Liberal, a Canadian)? He *is* in office. He is making laws *right now*. He is a member of, if you can believe it, the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. I expect a repudiation of Galileo any day now …


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