What is a Christian?

Christian’s believe Homosexuality is a sin…  and some don’t.

Christian’s go to church on Sunday… or Saturday or only on major holidays.

Christian’s are conservative… depending on who you talk to.

What is a Christian?  Who decides?  Is it a person who believes that Jesus was the son of God or someone who thinks Jesus just had some good ideas about living a good life?  Is being a Christian a set of personal beliefs or is it a way of life?  Is it both?  Is it neither one?  I’m having a hard time with this as so many people seem to think that Christianity is one or the other.

Can you have a set of beliefs that aren’t reflected in your daily living?  Can you have a way of life that you don’t believe in, but do it because that’s the expectation?

According to Barna research, 68% of non-church going individuals believe that there is a God and at some point in their life have made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ.  But are they still Christian even though they have no regular connection with a congregation of like believers?  Most American’s who don’t claim another religious or non-religious system believe that living a good life (essentially not murdering, stealing, committing adultery, etc) makes them Christian.  They don’t go to church regularly, help with missions or outreach to the community, or practice any personal spiritual growth such as prayer or personal devotions.  But they don’t consider themselves Atheist, Agnostic, Muslim, Hindu, or anything else.

But then what about the complex differences between Christians?  Who is the better Christian?  Who decides that Westboro Baptist Church is or isn’t the better Christian?  If you took all the Christians fighting for their “Religious Freedom” and put them on an island together wouldn’t they still find a way to argue over their religious freedom?

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