Get a Flak Jacket, the US is turning into the Middle East

We’ve been watching from a distance for decades.  Never really understanding how such animosity can exist between two groups of people that they would kill.  Peace in the Middle East is but a punchline.  A pipedream of politicians and world leaders.  The truth is that bombings and attacks on innocent men, women, and children are almost a daily occurrence.  It’s part of the culture to be afraid of what will happen while you’re out in public.  Those with extreme views and opinions live a jaded life where violence is the only means by which they feel they can communicate.  And I can’t help but think of that with all the random religio-political violence lately the US isn’t far from falling into the same quagmire.

It’s a scary world out there anymore.  First a Colorado movie theater then a Wisconsin Sikh temple.  Now, the Family Research Council’s headquarters is attacked by an armed gunman.  What frightens me is the speed at which these things are escalating.  How many more shootings will there be?  At the rate we’re going how unreasonable is it to think someone might walk into a Starbucks or Chick Fil A and blow themselves up in the name of “Gay Marriage”?  Can I even take my kids out in public anymore?  What’s wrong with this country?

What happened this week is another tragic chapter in the story of extremes.  There truly is no middle ground anymore.  And rather than accept the condolences of the Atheistsmany Christian’s are lashing out using the opportunity to to fuel the fire of animosity between “them and us”.  One response to the joint condolences of of the LGBT organizations said “Sure you’re sorry.  Keep pushing that hate.”  WHAT?!?!  How did you get hate from  “our hearts go out to the victims”?

I’ve come to conclude that the religious fervor being stirred during this political season is only going to escalate until something tragic happens that we can’t recover from.  We won’t need to fear Islamic terrorist’s anymore.  They’ll be smart enough to head home and say “they’ll tear themselves apart”.  The days of Timothy McVeigh and Ted Kaczynski will seem tame.  It’ll be high noon, as each side steps out into main street with itchy trigger fingers.  The Hatfields and McCoys would be proud of the irrational hatred harbored over the smallest infraction.  Even a “no comment” will be words of hate.

My only consolation is that the extreme beliefs of the few who seek to harm and maim are not representative of the greater population.  That greater, more level heads will see the fuel being heaped on the fires and call both sides to reason.  That world leaders and even our own Nobel Peace Prize president can step back and say “this has gone too far for too long”.  I hope the leaders of the organizations can step back and see the madness they have created.  Because frankly, I don’t want to wear a flak jacket to the grocery store.

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