In Your Face Sin and Maintaining the Christian Image

A few years ago a teenage girl at a Christian high school got pregnant.  She was excited about becoming a mother and told some of her closest friends.  Of course, the news spread like wildfire.  Before long the entire school knew, including the principal who promptly called the student and her family into the office to confirm the rumors authenticity.  After a long discussion with the family a plan was laid out.  Sex outside of marriage went against the “moral code” of the school and should not be promoted.  A pregnant teen in school goes against what the school viewed as proper parenthood and family values.  The result was that the student would finish out the semester, then withdraw from school before she began “showing”.  However, before the end of the semester the young girl miscarried the baby.   Now the problem was solved.  She was permitted to stay in school; after all she wasn’t flaunting her sin and setting a bad example anymore.

Last week a story came out of a 3 year old who was rejected by a Christian school because the “home life doesn’t reflect what the school’s belief in what a biblical family lifestyle should be.”  The child’s parents were a homosexual couple.  Why do Christians respond to things in this manner?  Why must we put up a wall and separate ourselves in such a calloused way?  We love, accept, and even celebrate single parents struggling to “bring their kids up right”, but is that the biblical definition of marriage either?  These are children we are talking about.  Children who are being taught that love and acceptance by the church is conditional.

Who cares what the biblical family lifestyle is.  This is the growth of a child.  should we not “Raise them up in the way they should go and they will not depart from it“?  But that philosophy shouldn’t just apply to children, but for anyone who is still seeking God’s presence despite their sinfulness.

We have secret sin throughout our congregations and as long as it stays secret we’re okay with it.  We have those addicted to pornography, pedophiles, embezzlers, adulterers, spouse abusers, etc. and we’re okay with it because they don’t rub it in our face.  In many cases if someone came out to the pastor and said “I get drunk about three times a week and beat my wife” we’d try to help them.  What I’ve come to conclude is like a pregnant teen in school, homosexuality is in your face.  It would be like someone sitting in church reading a Playboy.  We’re appalled.  “How dare they” we cry as we promptly have the deacon’s escort them out and write a scathing letter to the pastor to excommunicate that person.  For no other reason than this can I find justification for the way that Christian’s treat homosexuals.

Why is it that when sin is presented before us, we come unhinged?  Why at that point do we lose sight of all the grace Jesus showed and become Pharisees?  Since when does putting your arms around someone and saying “I love you” have limits?  I can’t imagine ever doing that to either of my own kids.

Church-Fortress of Pokrova

It’s almost the opposite of what we should be doing.  Shouldn’t churches and Christian schools be a place where those who are struggling and seeking can come for acceptance?  Shouldn’t they be places where sinners outnumber saints?  Why do we treat them like fortresses to protect ourselves from the world?  The saints should be in the world seeking to “share the gospel and if necessary use words” (Francis of Assisi).  Like a hospital they should be able to find those who are hurting and seeking meaning in life and bring them to the waiting arms of the physician.

What if we started kicking students out of school for being “too good”?  We tell them “You don’t belong here.  You’ve got it together and are a great example that should be shared with others so they can see it’s possible”.  Wouldn’t that be a novel idea?


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