Jumping to Conclusions in 140 Characters

Shortly after the shootings in Aurora, Colorado Rick Warren posted a tweet that said “If you teach children then are animals, they will behave like them”.  The response from many secularists, including Hemant Mehta “The Friendly Atheist”, was to accuse Pastor Warren of blaming the actions of James Holmes on teaching evolution in the school system.  When I responded to Mr. Mehta, I asked “Did Rick Warren actually say that or is it inferred”.  The simple response was “It’s inferred based on previous comments”.  Days later as the firestorm built around Rick Warren he issued a statement clarifying his remarks had nothing to do with Aurora or Evolution.  It was a thought that had crossed his mind while listening to a lecture about teenage sexual behavior in comparison to animal sexual behavior.

Our craving for social media interaction has also changed relationships so that we can believe whatever we want about them.  For example, what if I told you that Back to the Future is a series of movies about a homosexual relationship?  Don’t believe me?

I’m guilty of wanting the same instant information via youtube, Twitter, Digg, or Reddit as anyone else.  I love my news in blog form with a side of opinion.  We can take anything we want and believe it whichever way we wish because we are trying to break it down to 140 characters or less. We rarely take the time to understand the context.  We inject what we want to believe about the person into the conversation.  Often putting words and intent in their mouth that were never there.

Is our craving for instant reaction and social media commentary healthy?  Has it created a means by which nothing is as it seems?  Or have we simply become hyper-sensitive and overly politically correct?

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