Chick-Fil-A, Racism, and Kidnappings – Have Christian’s Lost Their Minds?

It’s been an interesting couple of days.  What I thought was a simple introspective question using an “excellent” example from recent news, has been one of my most commented, and apparently controversial, posts.  The conversations coming out of it have been excellent and for the most part positive, giving me much to reflect on.  I have received criticism regarding my support or lack thereof towards other “Christian faithful”, in this instance of Dan Cathy and his “biblical response to homosexuality and gay marriage”.

What I’ve experienced in recent days is the solidarity of like believers.  I chose a popular faith-based organization who had made comments about marriage and homosexuality (see Chick-Fil-A: Convenient Biblical Truth), two hot-button topics that are dividing believers and non-believers.  The resulting comments however didn’t provide the introspective self-evaluation of Christian’s choosing which verse they wish to follow and which they wish to ignore as I had hoped.  Rather it became a critique of my personal values and beliefs.  

What bothered me most was what I felt as a personal attack on me, a Christian, for mocking another Christian.  In the days following I found myself asking “Are Christian’s not allowed to be critical of other Christians?”  As this thought occurred to me I found several other news articles that stood out:

Have Christian’s lost their minds?  What part of any of those sounds like something Jesus would do?  It seems like Christian’s are making headlines for all the wrong reasons anymore.  Yet, I don’t see Christian’s responding to these stories with righteous indignation.  Is it not allowed because they are fellow believers?  Or have we turned a blind eye to fight against greater sins?

Why must we leave the critique of the church and Christianity up to those who are not part of it?  Are we so sheltered within the walls of our faith that we can no longer see our own faults?  Yet, when someone outside the church questions the integrity or hypocrisy of actions by believers, we become defensive.  Why isn’t Westboro Baptist Church planning to picket outside the church with the racist members?  Why do so many faithful still contribute to Pat Robertson for making un-Christlike statements about the sinfulness of Colorado wildfire victims?

Is it because we want to trust the Christian faithful to appropriately follow Matt. 18: 15-20?  But what if they don’t?  Who is there to step up to say something about the cycle of abuse, greed, hate, and complacency of those who claim to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ?  I personally would rather be critiqued by like minded believers with whom we can find a common accord than to have my thoughts and words turned against me for the sake of disproving my faith altogether.

I am not above criticism and will continue to learn and grow from the comments and feedback I receive.  My only response is that those who wish to provide the critique would not be above a responding challenge for self-evaluation.


4 thoughts on “Chick-Fil-A, Racism, and Kidnappings – Have Christian’s Lost Their Minds?

  1. This makes me think of the reason that Thomas More wrote Utopia–to show Christians that they were not even living up to the pagan ideals of fortitude, prudence, temperance, and justice, even though they had been given the grace through their baptisms to live those and the three theological virtues as well–faith, hope, and charity additionally. Fraternal correction is a part of our call to fellowship and the pursuit of holiness. But in that, he died living for that call. That takes a tremendous amount of integrity.
    That said, I would hope that you can (which I have no doubts that you can) see that these problems that are infiltrating our society are not exclusive to those who claim to be Christian but also to those who do not make that claim. If those on the “outside” can see how awful Christians are being, that only provides proof of their own hypocrisy because if they can discern the difference between right and wrong, then they are just as liable to be judged by their own judgments and choices for living. God has written it on the human heart.
    But, I agree with you. Christians who live sinful lives are worse and will be seen as worse because they have given themselves to the Light. That is why like Saint Paul, I have to be just as hard, actually harder, on myself, so that in sharing the Gospel, I don’t lose the crown. Can’t remember the verse for that one right now, but I think you know what I mean.
    God bless, brother…


  2. Dude, I’m the first to line up behind you when Christians are in the wrong. I hate status quo believism that robs the gospel of its power. I’m definitely no fan of the religious right. If you don’t believe me, read my blog. I fully acknowledge my own sinfulness but I don’t expect others to endorse my sins. I confess and repent of my sins and I would welcome any homosexual who would be willing to recover from that sin even if he repeatedly stumbled as I often do. In the case of Chic-fil-A and your meme, it just felt like for once a Christian was willing to pay the price for his convictions rather than asking others to do so and you threw the first stone. It’s was like Eric Liddell was running in the 440 and you tripped him because you thought he was making too big a deal out of running on Sunday. Yes, let’s critique ourselves regularly and vigorously. Let’s also know when to stand together. There is a such a thing as biblical truth minus the quotation marks.


  3. “Can Christians be critical of other Christians?” Typically no. Critical thinking and asking for an answer that is supported by a reason other than “faith” is typically shunned by religion.


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