Christian’s Responding Irrationally to Colorado Shootings

This is making me sick.  Have you seen the articles and responses over the weekend to the Aurora Colorado shootings?  Among the millions of outpourings of sympathy and compassion for the people and families involved in this tragedy, here’s how Christian’s are stealing the spotlight.

Why must we take this response?  Why can’t Christians look at this as the act of a sick individual in the midst of a world that is filled with selfishness, hatred, and corruption?  When you start making comments about God’s righteous indignation and condemnation on the wicked, you inherently open yourself up to the question “So why do bad things happen to good people?”  If Rick Warren were struck and killed by a car this afternoon would it be God’s judgement on him for his sins?  Would that also mean that if James Holmes is an instrument of God and his salvation is secure much the same way as any of the Old Testament Judges?  Meanwhile an Atheist has a more rational response…


4 thoughts on “Christian’s Responding Irrationally to Colorado Shootings

  1. Not all Christians come to the same conclusions. I understand your frustration, but I’m a Christian and I don’t believe this is God’s judgement on the world. I believe the same as you. Someone had some sick ideas and decided to kill people. Stop classifying people with labels like “Christian” or “Atheist” because it only distracts you from the truth of our real titles, “Human.”


    • No problem my friend. Most of what I write is because like yourself I’m frustrated by religious and non-religious making broad and asinine comments that don’t reflect the apprpriate way to respond to these situations. It’s tragic, bad things happen, and we have to help each other through it. Picking sides and laying blame doesn’t solve anything and it seems that what most people want to do. Have a great day and thanks for reading.


  2. people who make these statements can’t be christians in the real spirit of the term. Isn’t christianity about forgiveness and loving all? I believe one doesn’t become a true christian by going to church every Sunday, just as one doesn’t become a muslim by going to a mosque or a hindu by visiting the temple. religion is about mindsets and beliefs.
    well written! relevant post!


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