10 Movie Theater Rules for Parents

I’m not the world’s greatest screener of movies.  One of the first movies I showed my youth group was Mel Brooks History of the World Part I (and I showed it in the church fellowship hall too).  However, as a parent I’m constantly appalled at some of the things that other parents do with their kids at the movies.  

1.  It doesn’t matter if Batman is your kids favorite superhero, if it’s rated PG-13 it’s not made for your 6 year old.

2.  At 11pm your 4 year old should be in bed, not at the theater.

3.  If at any point you have to cover your child’s eyes or they start crying, you picked the wrong movie.

4.  Yes Focus on the Family is overly conservative, but those things called ratings provide a fair warning of who should be watching the movie.

5.  No kid is going to eat a bucket of popcorn that they have to carry in a wagon behind them.

6.  It doesn’t matter if it’s free refills.  The bladder of a 6 year old will not hold 32  ounces of Sprite.

7.  If you insist on doing #6, sit on the aisle so you don’t have to step over me to get to the bathroom every 15 minutes.

8.  You’re not a “cool parent” for taking your 12 year old to see The Hangover II.  At that point you’re just a bad parent.

9.  If you have to explain what’s going on in the movie to your kid, you should have picked a Pixar film.

10.  If its a movie you want to see more than your kid, get a babysitter.


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