It’s Too Hot When…

Fan melt

It is currently 100 degrees with 32% humidity.  Thank you global warming.  But how do you know if it’s TOO hot?

1.  The dog wanted to go out until you opened the door

2.  You make tea using the water in the water bottle you left in the car

3.  You get in the Jacuzzi to cool off

4.  Pigs complain about sweating like fat humans

5.  You need a spatula to remove your clothing

6.  You go to the ER because you burned yourself on your leather car seats

7.  You pull up photos of the snow storm last winter; and miss it

8.  You can’t control your hot flashes; and your a man

9.  A funeral procession stops at Dairy Queen

10.  Jehovah’s Witnesses start telemarketing


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