Fireworks Laws Make No Sense

I see it every time I drive to Indiana 100 yards from the border.  The building is massive.  I’ve been it it once and when you get inside it overwhelms you.  “World’s largest selection of fireworks” is in huge letters on the outside and I don’t doubt the claim.  Many states like the one I live in, Ohio, have restrictions on the purchase and sale of fireworks.  So as I approach the register they remind me of the law.

“Ohio law allows people age 18 or older to buy consumer fireworks such as firecrackers, bottle rockets, roman candles, and fountains but only if they (1) buy them from a licensed manufacturer or wholesaler and (2) sign an affidavit agreeing to transport them out of state within 48 hours of purchase if they reside in the state. “

So I’m not allowed to use any kind of firework other than a sparkler or smoke bomb?  So why I can drive down to Walmart and buy all the roman candles and bottlerockets I want?  How does this make any sense?  It would be like Texas allowing the sale of Tequila to those under age 21 as long as they said they’d drive across the border to Mexico to drink it.  It’s either illegal or it isn’t.  Don’t confuse people by selling them something that they shouldn’t use.


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