Who is a Good Person?

Who or what is a “Good Person”?

What do you mean when you tell someone you’re a good person? Or “She’s a good person”?

What is it that a good person does that makes them good? Are they religious?

Do “Good People” do “Christian” sorts of things? Then what about people who are “Christian” only by checking a box on the census form? Their faith is in words only and while they lead a good life there is nothing of religious distinction to show for it? So what about non-religious or non-Christian “Good People”? Who are they?

Who determines whether you’re good or not? Isn’t it a self appointed title? Therefore it’s an opinion “I didn’t do anything I think is bad so I’m good”. But what is a good person anyway? Are they someone who just doesn’t commit any of the major crimes? They just keep their nose clean?

Is being a good person too average? Aren’t most people “Good People”? Most people don’t rape, murder, or steal. If you don’t do anything aren’t you by default “Good”? Isn’t Mother Teresa as “Good” a person as Joe the plumber? She does more good things, but he doesn’t do enough bad things to be called a bad person.

Do good people have to DO good things? Do they have to feed the homeless, help orphans, and raise money for cancer research? Do they have to care about others more than their self?

What are you if you don’t care? If you just live your life in a good and positive way? Who can you claim that you are then?


2 thoughts on “Who is a Good Person?

  1. Only He really knows who has a good heart, but these are good questions to ask yourself in prayer to figure out ‘what is God asking me to do, what does His will of goodness mean?’ I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be preachy. This is something I have had to ask myself, especially when it comes to friends. For a long time in my life, I was hanging out with people I loved very much, but they were bringing me away from God because I am weak. I did not want to judge them, but I let their friendship get above Jesus–a people pleaser. With some good advice from St. Francis de Sales, I have learned my own limitations in the matter. Definitely love all people, but authentic friendship leads you closer to God Who is LOVE…a hard lesson for me.
    fwiw, I think this post was getting into the theological questions of negative and positive morality mixed with some other stuff, too. Thank you for provoking my thoughts…God bless, brother. I hope that you are doing well.


  2. A good person is one who would not hurt someone to get what they want. Is my definition anything more you do is bonus. Ya, its pretty average! and yes, by this definition most would fall in the “good” category. But I like it that way to tell my kids that most people in the world are “good” people! nice post!


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