Jesus Wasn’t Qualified

Have you ever stopped to ask if you would hire Jesus as your pastor today?  Now this isn’t “Oh my goodness it’s Jesus the man who died for my sins” Jesus.  Imagine a General Contractor coming into your church with a group of men that looked like they belong on Deadliest Catch and saying “I have a message for y’all about who God really is”. Most likely the deacon’s wouldn’t be able to escort them out fast enough.

As a professional recruiter I spend my days evaluating how well people can sell themselves on a piece of paper.  How is the resume laid out, is their job description sufficient, was it too long, too short, do they have the right experience, education, or certifications.  I receive thousands of resume’s a year, and about once a week someone will call and say “I just want to meet with a person and talk with them so they can see that I’d be great”.  But that’s not the way it works.  We start with the appropriate papers then see if you have the  passion to do the job.

What is it that you look for in a pastor?

Do they really need to be able to explain text to you in the original Greek?  

The way the church today is set up is counter to what Jesus did.  Churches want a pastor with a Masters or Doctorate in ministry.  They look for those individuals who can provide exquisite exegesis of a few choice verses.  But isn’t that actually backwards to the message that the church preaches?  Don’t  we teach that the ministry of Jesus is the responsibility of all believers?  That we are to carry the good news of Jesus Christ into all the world, implementing it in our daily lives to lead those around us to salvation?  Yet when it comes to the church itself only those with the appropriate education and experience are fit to lead.  Sadly many times those people lack heart.  It’s a job for them, not a passion.  There’s no inspiration.

By today’s standards Jesus wouldn’t be qualified to run any churches.  We’d let him volunteer at best.  We probably wouldn’t take any of his recommendations for people to help in ministries either.  “I’m sorry Jesus, that Peter guy has a reputation for getting in fights”.  We always throw 1 Samuel 16:7 around (God looks at the heart), but do we really follow through with that in our own churches?  Or do we stick to the tried and true, recruitment method of how good their pedigree is?  There are a lot of us out there who do ministry without the right credentials.  But the heart and passion is there.  So given who Jesus was, who he selected, and how we wishes to spread the gospel, who isn’t qualified to run a church?


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