Are Atheists Better than Christians?

Are Atheists better than Christians?  Are Christians better than Atheists?  I guess depending on what you’re asking they may be better at the answer could go either way.  I don’t think one group of people is better than the other, i.e. moral living, justice, caring for others, etc.  What I’m looking at are their ideals and more importantly how they enforce them.    At the end of the day I find both groups so  antagonistic that both appear equally irrational.

Now, I know I represent a group (Christians) with a longer history of irrational, hypocritical, and detrimental behavior, but before jumping in to write your lengthy comments about the idiocy of religion I would ask that you take a deep breath and open-mindedly consider both sides of the conversation.  This isn’t about one group being more right than the other.  The way I see it both groups are equally wrong.

Recently I came upon a statement posted by the American Atheists “American Atheists state Religious Freedom Rally actually Religious Oppression”.   In the statement Blair Scott, Communications Director says:

 “Religious freedom is guaranteed to the individual: not a collection of individuals or an organization. A church does not have religious freedom: the individual congregants do. A collection of religious persons do not have religious freedom: the individuals in that collection do. You cannot amass your individual freedoms to trump the freedoms of others.”

Wait, this is coming from an organized collection of individuals that promotes itself as “the premier organization laboring for the civil liberties of atheists and the total, absolute separation of government and religion” and also promotes the “Reason Rally”.  Their own goal is not the promotion of civil rights for all, but for Atheists and “the absolute separation” of church and state.  How is that any better/different than a religious group taking the same position?  Where are the “individuals”?  It seems a bit hypocritical.

I don’t have anything personal against Atheists anymore than I have anything personal against Hindu’s, Amish, or Republicans.  I believe that their stance to eliminate a Christian slanted agenda from government is good (although removal of all religion in general seems a bit misguided).  But this is the group that I thought was more calmly, rationally organized; yet the statement shows more irrational emotion that results in making the same mistakes as an organized religious group.  Maybe I’m wrong in having higher expectations.

What I see is both groups of people running around looking for something to argue about in order to make themselves more right than the other.  Both will argue they are doing what is in the best interest of everyone to create a better society.  Both will argue their system of beliefs are well founded and documented.  And both groups will gladly tell you how wrong you are for not believing the same.  So if both are thinking, doing, and saying the same thing just slanted towards their own system of beliefs, which one is better than the other?


2 thoughts on “Are Atheists Better than Christians?

  1. for me, your this statement says it all ” This isn’t about one group being more right than the other. The way I see it both groups are equally wrong.”
    my sentiments exactly about any group canvassing their religion or belief as above another!! deep thought provoking post 🙂


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