Nice Guys Finish Last

Is there a more poignant universal truth? Nice guys are great friends, never boyfriends. Nice guys are excellent employees, never management material. Nice guys get invited to help you move, never to watch the game. Nice guys are who you want around when things are going wrong, never when they’re going right. You say the phrase and people either resonate with it personally or get that sheepish grin and an image of a person in their head of someone they know.

Nice guys bring a lot of it on themselves. They don’t know how to say “no”.  Nice guys don’t spend their time jockeying for position to make themselves look good.   They don’t complain and say “What about me”.  They almost instinctively believe the golden rule, which is sadly counter to everything the world has to offer.

The world would cease to function without nice guys. You’d never have that person to count on when you’re in a bind. Without nice guys, everyone would be looking out for themselves and you wouldn’t be able to trust anyone. Nice guys value relationships.  They see the world differently. They believe in the goodness of people and the power of actions.  They think through their actions and see the implications of their decisions.  They believe in the goodness of people and the power of actions; and by doing so they believe that their actions will speak louder for their credibility than any amount of politicking or preening could.

I wish nice guys would speak up to call out all the obvious selfish idiocy that goes on this world and ask “Is that really what you want the world to be?”   I wish more people would value the worth of nice guys on every aspect of life.  Frankly, I just wish there were more nice guys.

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