An Illuminating Blogger?

Illuminating Blogger Award

I’m amused, honored, and skeptical all at the same time.  Amused that an award like the “Illuminating Blogger” has been created and is bestowed upon bloggers freely without the complication of committee voting, petition, or inquisition.  Honored that a fellow blogger (The Tousled Apostle) whom I’ve never met feels my random way of seeing the world is “illuminating” and dare I say it; insightful?  Skeptical for viewing it as a traffic generating gimmick.  However, despite it all I am more honored than amused or skeptical, so thank you Tousled Apostle.  

As the terms of acceptance of this prestigious award dictate  I must now share some random thought about myself, which is a bit difficult seeing as how I must share something I don’t see myself using as any kind of illustration in future blogs.  So that random thought shall be…

“The car I do all my thinking and driving in is silver”

The second requirement I must follow is to recognize 5 other bloggers I read, which I am happily obliged to do since much of my creative thought is provoked by the thoughts of others.  The list could go longer, but I will keep it to my WordPress friends.

Christianity for the Rest of Us – I discovered Mike Friesen’s blog on Twitter before I started blogging.  It’s always a great blog as he provides great thoughts from Jesus Followers without the political nonsense.

Live And Laugh with Jesus – A very well balanced combination of quotes, scripture, and random thoughts about life.

Pastor Mike Says – Always insightful, well-spoken, and balanced.  Again, for a religious blog he isn’t pushy on the politics which I appreciate.

Lame Housewife – Blending her thoughts through poetry and prose, I appreciate the authenticity of this blog.

Spiritual Savant – Wonderful spiritual insights without being too preachy to use a technical term.

Finally, in conclusion…

I’d like to thank the Academy for even considering me among all theses other worthy nominees.  I’d like to thank my wife for supporting me, even though she thinks I’m crazy and probably doesn’t realize I talk about her.  My youth group for inspiring me, my kids for giving me stuff to write about, my church, my friends and mentors Brendon and Dave, my agent, a great sound crew, the cast of How I Met Your Mother, …

3 thoughts on “An Illuminating Blogger?

  1. It’s one of those things that just shows up in your feed once in awhile when you’re nominated. I don’t get them too terribly often, so I feel like passing them along when I do. You totally deserve it because many of your posts are indeed thought provoking and insightful!


    • Thank you again for the nomination. Every once in a while I am reminded about the impact I have on people I may have never met and am truly humbled. While my skeptical side wants to tell me it’s a gimmick, I know in my heart the pure intentions of it and wouldn’t have responded if it wasn’t appreciated. Keep up the good work and God Bless.


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