Religion Makes People Dumb

Have you ever noticed that the more passionate someone is about something , the dumber they become?  They love that thing so much that all rational thought seems to dissipate.  For example, I love arguing with young couples who make statements like “Sally is the most beautiful woman in the world.  I could never look at another woman.”  My wife gets more and more beautiful every day to me and I love her with everything I am.  But I’m not naive enough to say there are no other beautiful women.  I’m no David Beckham and my wife is no Angelina Jolie.  It’s like saying “The Mona Lisa is the most perfect painting and all others are garbage”.

And it seems that Religion does the same thing to people.  They convert to a system of beliefs and all of a sudden all other logical, open-minded thought towards anything else disappears.  Now the truly funny thing is that you’re probably sitting there right now saying “I know.  Those dumb (liberals, conservatives, atheists, Christians, etc.) should really read this.”  And that is the perfect example of what I’m saying.  You’ve committed to a system of beliefs and now have all the answers you will ever need.  Everyone else has it wrong.

The more sure we are of something, the more closed off we become to other opinions.  When people do that, they inherently limit themselves from additional information that could enlighten them.  People stop asking questions related to their personal growth, and settle into asking questions related to other people.  Instead of “Why do I believe this?” they ask “Why don’t you believe this?”  Instead of “How does this effect my theories?” they ask “How does this help me change other people’s theories?”

Jesus himself asked 173 questions, but only answered 109.  His life was spent trying to show others the fallacy of convinced ideologies.  He himself was killed because he didn’t fit the model of what the religious leaders had convinced themselves the Messiah should be.  He called them “Blind Guides” (Matt 23:24).

Many people come to religion because they are seeking truth and seeking answers.  Yet, once they find religion they quit asking questions.  When you stop asking questions, you stop gaining knowledge.  And when you stop gaining you knowledge, you just get dumb.


4 thoughts on “Religion Makes People Dumb

  1. ”The more sure we are of something, the more closed off we become to other opinions. When people do that, they inherently limit themselves from additional information that could enlighten them.”

    I totally agree with this. I am sure you do not consider yourself superior to us religious heathens as you are open-minded to religion? You would not, though this article may deny, be ”closed off” to other opinions that contradict your own? If you were closed off, would that then make you stupid, or somehow more superior because this rule is only implemented against those who have a different religion than you? I do not believe you are stupid, though I counted numerous grammer nuances in your post and would have grounds to believe you are indeed stupid. No. I believe you do not know much of what you think you know. You appear to be pouring a really good foundation without having the foresight that a building is to be built upon it. Good luck in your journey to finding truth since you are not stupid, are open-minded, and are humble enough to know that you do not know everything.

    God bless,


    • Thank you for visiting my blog and for your comment. I would assume by your remarks that you spent very little time reading through other posts or my bio to make such a claim as “I believe you do not know much of what you think you know”. While my grammar (correct spelling) and apparent intellect may be inferior to your own, I make no claim so bold as to be a “wielder of truth”, nor do I wish to be. I credit you for the journey you’ve taken from Atheism to where you are now as a faithful follower of Christ, as that is a journey that involves much soul searching and contemplation. As you noted, I humbly recognize I don’t know everything and as I get older I find I have more questions than answers. I strongly believe in the merits of organized religion, but not to the point of placing it above critique. However, my purpose is to engage with those who feel that religion has become a place where being open-minded and asking questions are poor qualities as I sadly believe it has. I wish you the best along your path in life.



      • No superior intellect here! I do agree with you that religion tends toward indoctrination like any other organized system (what is American patriotism but the anti-patriotism of all other countries, though I do consider myself a patriot of what is good about America, but that’s beside the point).
        I think where the closed-mindedness comes from is when a person in one of these organized religions does not use his better reason or logic. I contend that Catholicism is a religion of reason and logic. My Muslim friend shouts me down if I challenge her faith instead of giving me any reason for her faith. There is the difference. I had found myself searching for truth and meaning and found it, not where I wanted it, but where it is. And to this day if anyone can prove me wrong and show me the greater truth, I’ll drop my prayers, devotions, and lifestyle and follow the new way. I say this only because I know it cannot happen.
        But there are those who will scream at anyone who thinks or believes differently. Such is the case in Saudi Arabia where there is not one Christian church because of the intolerance of the Muslims toward those unlike them, i.e. the “people of the book”.
        I think you made a lot of great points. Religious people certainly can be stupid, just like modernists who refuse religions because the religions are not “modern” or are “too old” to speculate about, which I would think should give them more credibility over anything new. Old truths cannot be new falsehoods; truths are eternal. I think you see the injustices and are angered by them, as you should be. Man should never follow something because he is convinced of it, but only because he has conviction of what he believes to be true. If I were raised Catholic, and if I thought at all for myself, I should like to think that I would have stepped outside of myself and analyzed my faith before taking one more Communion, so to know that I wasn’t partaking in something trivial and pointless. Thankfully, I was not raised Catholic, and my faith is likely stronger for it.
        Thanks again for time. Keep writing! And I too wish you the very best.



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