Where Have All the Sane People Gone?

Does it seem like everyone in the world has gone insane? Everyone is so extreme.  Even the people who claim they are the rational, open-minded, middle ground have taken their stance to an extreme. They respond to the protester yelling “I Hate _______” by saying, “Yeah well you’re just narrow-minded and hypocritical and I hate that”. As a result the world is being run by the loud, proud, extreme, minority. And the majority just doesn’t care. Because the people who are actually taking a middle ground, balanced look at both sides of the argument aren’t trying to make a name for themselves as such.

It’s why they don’t vote
It’s why they don’t go to church
It’s why they are apathetic to causes

I’m losing interest in anything any collective group of religious, non-religious, or political individuals think. I follow many groups through the social media realm. From “Christian’s Tired of Being Misrepresented” on Facebook to the “American Atheists Association” on Twitter. And all I see is a group of people coercing each other into an equally ignorant extreme as what they oppose. Their intolerance for the intolerant is ridiculous and it amazes me how blind they are to it.

It’s like fire and water. Opposites by definition, both provide needed elements for survival. But if you choose one side and took it to the extreme you would either be burned alive or drown. Eventually you become so convinced of your logic, you become irrational and therefore illogical. I just wish more sane people could be heard, rather than beaten down by extremists. But because they can see positive in both sides of the argument and therefore can’t reasonably choose a side they are simply seen as “Ignorant to the facts”.


2 thoughts on “Where Have All the Sane People Gone?

  1. I have often felt this way myself–I don’t like either of the majority parties, but I think part of that, at least for me, is because I am trying to live my life faithfully to all parts of the Gospel, and when I get down into the trenches of that, politics just don’t work because good and bad comes from both sides. I don’t know. That’s at least why I think I sit in the middle of all the whooplah.


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